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About Hayley Woollard

Hey all, The name's Hayley and come from a small town in Herts, England. I've been an avid gamer for pretty much most of my 19 years. Although this history doesn't span back nearly as far enough as I'd like – only since a few years into the whole Nintendo Gameboy / Sega Gamegear & SNES / Sega Megadrive era. No Atari 2600 for me, I'm afraid. I know, I know. Woe is me. Currently the only big next-gen console I own myself is the Playstation 3, since I don't have the attention (…or money) to give to another at the moment. Throughout this time I've also been a keen reader of videogame reviews both on and off of the 'net. You can usually find me with my head stuck in a gaming mag… or three. I've started trying my hand at writing my own reviews because in a nutshell, someday I'd like to get into the industry of videogame journalism – though I know that I've got a way to go, yet. Also because it's always good to find websites where regular people like me can express their opinions on the games they love, without being affected by all that advertising or thinking that they should give a game a certain score just because their favourite magazines have. So a big thanks to the guys at YARS for editing and putting them up on here; I'm hoping that people will enjoy reading them and find what I have to say helpful and honest, and occasionally funny. If you have any comments feel free to contact me (the details are in my profile). You might share a similar opinion or disagree with me entirely – either way, give me a shout.