Disney Cooling Towels – A Life Saver

I visited Disneyland this summer with the family and it was just a bit hot!

On the second day, we knew we needed to find a way to stay cooler. We had our obligatory hats (I even bought an Indiana Jones fedora), but the heat was killing us.

I had seen a few people with pink or blue scarves, with little Mickey outlines in them. Thinking they were just some sort of bandana, I decided to try and find one as at least it would cover my neck. When I did find one (in radiator springs), it turns out that they were cooking towels. I’d never heard of them before, but they are amazing!

All you do is wet them, wring them out and give them a little flick and you are good to go. Once wrapped around your neck, they instantly start to cool you down. When the effect starts to wear off, give it another flick and you are back to cool town.

The effect lasts about an hour, then you just need to wet them again, which is easy enough in Disney!

Within an hour the whole family had them, and they were out best friends for the rest of the holiday.

In fact, I’m am using mine right now, back in the UK because it is so flipping hot tonight!

If you’re going to Disneyland and it is going to be hot, grab a cooling towel, you won’t regret it! I just wish is known a lot these things before we went.

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