10 Top Virtual Reality Video Games For 2020

Virtual reality brings a whole new depth to gaming. Gaming used to be a merely sofa bound activity, but with VR technology, you can get active in your living room as you grab, kick, punch and lunge at objects that only you can see! Not to mention, the awe-inspiring experience that is VR itself. This is certainly an exciting year for VR video games, for a few cheeky ideas to put on your gamers wish-list, try these ten top picks.

Iron Man VR

Brought to you by Marvel, jump into the world of Iron Man, aka talented inventor Tony Stark. In this game, the ghosts of Iron man’s past refuse to rest, as evil forces seek to destroy him and everything he believes in. With the intense power of PlayStation VR, you’ll meet villains and allies both as you globe hop on a heroes mission. Seek to save Stark Industries and the rest of the planet too. Get ready to put on your Iron Man suit and jet off into the clouds. You’ll need to bring your A-game to battle against some of his greatest enemies.

Stormland (rift)

Plugin and get involved in the world of Stormland, here you’ll find an alien sky meets android civilization. Journey into this space of forgotten ruins, cascading cliffs, and chasms. Fight against an army of robots with explosives and the highest tech weaponry you could ask for. Stormland presents new challenges constantly; there’s always plenty of alien adventures to be found amongst the cloudscape.

Espire 1

Espire 1 is a virtual reality experience based on action, stealth, and espionage. You’ll get to transform into an Espire agent and complete many exciting missions with all the gadgets and weapons you could dream of. Come and develop your infiltration skills and learn how to get these missions done fast and done right. The Espire 1 website states this one should be released in the Fall.

Paper Beast

According to The Verge, Paper Beast is a, ‘VR game that turns big data into a peaceful, ethereal world.’ During the game, players search to find anomalies formed in data chunks; some of these arrive in the form of paper beasts! The surreal concept and gameplay is rather beautiful. Here you’ll find a wonderful world of code meets wildlife. For a truly unique VR experience, Paper Beast is certainly worth those gaming hours. There really is no other game quite like this one.

No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is an action-packed adventure survival experience, created by Hello Games. The game is set in a universe of various sentient species of aliens. To get ahead in the game, you must trade or fight amongst the planetary systems. You’ll take the role of an alien, referred to as ‘Traveller,’ exploring the realms of this uncharted universe. Follow the mysterious entity by the name of ‘Atlas’ to journey further into the galaxy and find the centre. For your weekly alien-battle fix, No Man’s Sky is all you need.

Vader Immortal

Vader Immortal is a narrative virtual reality game consisting of three different episodes. These eps weave a tale that occurs between two Star Wars movies, Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. You’ll play an unnamed smuggler, drawn into Darth Vader’s world. On the planet Mustafar, you are captive until your droid copilot comes to your aid. As your escape unfolds, you’ll discover that you’ve got some Force capabilities, and this is when the game really starts to get interesting!


Fancy a break from all those alien robot battles? Then why not try playing Moss, this game has the unique draw of having a mouse as the protagonist. It’s a family-friendly game where you’ll guide Quill the mouse on adventures through ruins and forests. The aim of the game is to save Quill’s uncle, solving puzzles, and outwitting enemies along the way. Playing as a pint-sized creature in VR is certainly an experience that you won’t want to miss.

Rick & Morty Simulator

Rick & Morty fans certainly won’t want to miss out on this one! Allow the quirky duo to transport themselves into your home. You’ll play as Morty’s clone as you discover alien world’s, the Smith’s home, and of course- the wonders of Rick’s garage. Solve the puzzles, brave the missions, and conduct a host of crazy experiments- all in VR! Before long, you’ll feel just like your part of the show. For plenty of laughs and all your favourite references from the series, make sure you nab yourself this game.

Batman Arkham VR

Cleaning up Gotham is your quest, be prepared for things to get dark! In this white-knuckle VR adventure, players take on the role of the Dark Knight himself. You’ll explore the Batcave, Wayne Manor, and get yourself some epic battle scenes. Fans of the previous games won’t be disappointed with this bite-sized story mission. (It’s worth noting that the VR version features a little less combat than the previous games).

Minecraft VR

For a new kind of Minecraft experience, superfans will surely want to check out what VR has to offer. Build it up, battle mobs, get exploring, show-off all your favourite Minecraft strategies and moves, with a VR twist. Here you can scale your size as you wish, whether you’d prefer to play as a giant or a mouse. You can climb, swim, and jump by actually performing the motions in your living room. Whoever said video games weren’t great exercise!

Once you’ve plugged into VR, you certainly won’t look back. As time goes by, an increasing number of the top games are re-releasing their current hits in VR format. Whether you are a Playstation fanatic or you prefer mobile gaming, 2020 is going to be a huge year for gaming of all types. For more info on the latest trends and games to watch out for, try checking out the Gameinformer website. Here you’ll find more information about the best games of 2020.

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