With The Next Gen of Consoles – Do games like FIFA need to evolve?

With new consoles coming, everyone expects FIFA games to bring a step forward and provide us with even more stellar content. But as you can imagine it’s hard to predict what the future holds especially for such a franchise. Right now, they are constantly using the same engine year after year, and not a lot of changes except from roster updates and a new mode or so are being added.

What FIFA really needs is a newer technology that offers better gameplay. They also need to have a new engine and one that doesn’t have that many bugs. On top of that, players want more variety, not a true focus on the Ultimate Team that ends up being the cash cow for the FIFA games in general.

I also wonder if we will see the inclusion of in game (virtual) betting, where you have to figure out the best odds for football matches? Probably not, but these are the sorts of things that can add a new texture to a game that has not evolved all that much over the years.

Things have gotten better with the last few releases, but it can definitely be improved, and that’s the thing that they need to continually work on if they want to make it extraordinary and powerful in a great manner.

Thanks to the new generation of consoles, we also expect better detail when it comes to players. Rumours state that these new consoles have a lot of graphical power, so maybe they use most of that towards facial structure and animations. Improving the likeness of many top players will certainly add a sense of immersion here, and that’s the thing that you want to check out in a clever manner.

New tech is obviously expected and it will arrive at some point. And while we all want it with the release of the 2021 version and beyond, the truth is that they might go the incremental update route. Adding a new technology is certainly not easy, and making it a gradual upgrade seems like the natural thing to focus on at this point.

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