The Ultimate Gaming Experiences

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, you can’t fail to have noticed the explosion of newfound gamers with their thirst for interconnectivity, fantastic gameplay and awesome graphics. If you came from the 1990s or noughties generations, you are probably used to 16-bit gaming, 2D platforming games and the odd beat ‘em up. The concept of playing a game with someone halfway across the world through your WiFi-enabled console was like something out of a science fiction movie. And yet, here we are. Gaming has had a resurgence in recent years, with people from all demographics, all over the globe and of both genders wanting to experience the joy of video games.

However, what are the best gaming experiences out there? Sure, you could pick up a Playstation 4 and enjoy the latest games like Fifa and the latest in the series of Call of Duty manifestations. But what about the more unique and fun experiences known to humankind? Read on to find out about the sorts of video games you should experience at least once in your lifetime.

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Nearly every 1980s movie with a teenage boy in it and cool synthesiser music as a soundtrack had a scene in an arcade. Young boys, in particular, were portrayed as arcade fanatics, spending their quarters on platform games or cool beat ‘em ups. If you’ve never ventured to an arcade before, you should try and head to a retro-themed arcade. These venues have the finest gameplay from the 1980s. Forget the more modern air hockey games or fruit machines. This isn’t gaming on the real sense of the word.

Instead, you need to find yourself playing the original Pacman, enjoying the thrill of Asteroids and getting to grips with Duck Hunt and Millipede. And who can forget the awesome gameplay of Space Invaders? These were games that had the simplest of concepts at the centre of their gameplay, and yet they were hugely popular. Who’d have thought shooting aliens whizzing horizontally across the screen from a central position could be such fun? And, yet it was. While it might seem pretty tame by today’s realistic graphics and surround sound, the innocence and fun of the video games made them a joy to play. And there was always something for everyone. You fancy a beat ‘em up? Finish him on Mortal Kombat! Do you want a cool platform game? Then Ninja Turtles is hard to beat. Arcades are great family-friendly places to take the kids and allow them to immerse themselves in a new style of gameplay.

Petrol Heads

Driving games have morphed from the most simplistic 2D incarnations a la Micro Machines to the latest all immersive experiences like Gran Turismo. It doesn’t matter what sort of vehicle you like the look of, there’s a driving game out there to experience. There is even a niche range of monster truck games for you to enjoy. Or perhaps you fancy the more off-piste jet ski stunt driving games?

Like with most video games, you can choose your style of gameplay. If you want fun and family-friendly, then Mario Kart with its steering wheel add ons, and multiplayer functionality is very hard to beat. Or perhaps you fancy something with added first-person functionality and a spot of RPG. If this is the case, the groundbreaking Grand Theft Auto series could see you trying to make it in Vice City.

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Go Retro

While the newer games are graphically more superior, have a whole host of immersive functionality, and can lead you to make friends with like-minded gamers across the world, the more straightforward and more retro classics are making a come back. Don’t neglect the charm of the Gameboy, the Mega Drive or even the Commodore 64. These were amazing consoles of their time. The Atari 2600 was the console to have back in 1989. This was where many people learned how to play Lemmings, and relished to simple gameplay from a joystick and a single red button. Nowadays it’s all combinations, headsets, online gaming and 3D worlds.

Advanced gaming doesn’t always mean better gaming. You might prefer the allure of Galactica or the simplicity of Donkey Kong. It doesn’t matter what sort of gaming you enjoy, there is a retro game out there that will suit you. Experience the fun of Bubble Bobble and the Time Crisis classics. Gaming should be fun, so look into your back catalogues and rediscover some old classics.

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