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Wired Productions & LKA announce donation of $10,000 to Take This, Inc. in aid of Mental Health Awareness - You are not alone

Wired Productions & LKA announce donation of $10,000 to Take This, Inc. in aid of Mental Health Awareness

Wired Productions, an independent games publisher and developer, and LKA, a leading Italian games studio, are pleased to announce the resounding success of their initial fundraising for mental health awareness. Take This, Inc. a charity whose mission is to raise awareness, offer support and provide safe spaces to those in need is to receive all proceeds from the activity, with an award of $10,000.

Applying to digital sales across all formats, 25% of the net receipts from each copy of The Town of Light sold within the promotional window were allocated to the fund. Wired Productions and LKA also had the support of multiple digital retailers to offer a 20% discount on the game itself during the same period, with online retailer Games Planet also contributing directly to the fund.

The first activity in a year-long campaign to help raise awareness and bring ongoing attention to the importance of mental health, this first award is just the beginning, as Wired Productions continues its mission to raise awareness of mental health, and support those who need it most.

“We’re delighted by the success of this first campaign,” said Leo Zullo, Managing Director, Wired Productions, “but the work has only just begun. We’re excited to work with Take This to put the fund to great use, and in the coming months, we’ll be announcing more initiatives. We’re steadfast in our belief that Mental health is an issue that the gaming community, as a whole, needs and wants to tackle. We’re driven in delivering real support, wherever we can.”

Russ Pitts, President, Take This, Inc. said, “Since Take This was founded, and started sharing our message of healing and hope, we’ve seen thousands of people come forward with their own stories, sharing, and encouraging others. Wired’s financial contribution is a real help, but the more tangible support is knowing their voice has been added to ours, saying ‘It’s OK to not be OK.”

Wired Productions and LKA are grateful to the following retailers for their support in the campaign:

  • Xbox Store
  • Humble Store
  • PlayStation Store
  • Green Man Gaming
  • Games Planet
  • Steam
If you’re interested in supporting Wired Productions by getting involved in charity events of your own, or if you’re a charity that specializes in supporting mental health issues and would like to register to be part of our year-long campaign for awareness, please contact [email protected]com.

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