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Riskers Is Launching Today On Steam - It's Like The Original GTA! - YqM7mWo

Riskers Is Launching Today On Steam – It’s Like The Original GTA!

In Riskers, you take on the role of ex-con-turned-lowly-garbageman Rick Paradis. After finding a briefcase filled with money and deciding to keep the cash, Rick must now fight to survive as he is hunted down by thugs out to get what is rightfully theirs. Things quickly take a personal turn as Rick’s brother becomes a casualty. He must now make things right – even if it means breaking the law once again.

Choose from an arsenal of weapons including shotguns, pistols, automatic rifles, and sniper rifles. No ammo? No problem! When all else fails, you can pick up chairs and throw them at enemies to slow them down a notch. If stealth is the name of the game, it’s time to slip into darkness – thanks to the game’s day and night cycles.

Tackle the main storyline and enjoy comic book-style cutscenes – or delve into a variety of side missions. The choice is yours in the open world of Riskers.


Shota Bobokhidze (Lead Developer, Shot X Studios):

“Riskers pays homage to the types of games I used to play while growing up in Georgia (the country, not the state). My main design pillar was to give players enough gameplay variety to cater to most play styles. Riskers is a game for everyone – whether you enjoy racing or shooting bad guys.”

Jeff Giasson (Founder & CEO, M4):

“It takes a tremendous amount of effort to design and ship a game on your own. M4 is more than happy to support daring developers like Shota Bobokhidze – who knew the odds and still charged ahead to make their childhood dream a reality.”


*   Play a unique mix of game genres (top-down action, driving, and shooting).
*   Experience an interactive open world, complete with a day and night cycle.
*   Explore highly-detailed interior levels.
*   Eliminate enemies with a selection of eight different weapons, or resort to chair-throwing.
*   Take a break from the main story and complete a variety of side missions.
*   Immerse yourself in the story through comic book-style cutscenes.
*   Search for in-game collectibles!


Riskers is now available on Steam for only $7.49 – 25% off the game’s retail price. On October 24, Riskers will return to its original price of $9.99. The original soundtrack retails for $3.74 – and a bundle with game + OST can be purchased for $8.42 during the launch sale.




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