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Power-packed optical mouse completes QPAD 8K family - 1024x768 8KO front left black

Power-packed optical mouse completes QPAD 8K family

Completing the 8K’s family of mice, the QPAD 8K Optical addresses the enormous demand for an optical mouse, currently the most popular among gamers today. Like the QPAD 8K Laser, the optical version is an advanced, power-packed product with RGB LED offering 16.8 million color variations, an ergonomic five-finger grip as well as technology features to ensure accuracy, all contained in a sleekly designed box and carry bag.

Much more than a standard optical mouse, the QPAD designers have boosted a lot of the specs so that it’s closer to a laser mouse, but has all the advantages gamers like in the optical technology.

A big engine under the hood
Under the hood, the mouse offers many of the features available in its laser brother, such as a gaming-grade optical sensor with up to 5000 true CPI, an advanced 32-bit ARM processor to optimize the tracking performance, pre-mounted QPAD Glidz mouse feet, seven programmable buttons for profiles, sensitivity, shortcuts, keys and macro recordings.

The wizardry of the QPAD 8K Optical is immediately visible from the speed at which you can move up to 3.3 meters per second without losing tracking abilities. The sensor pictures the surface with a shutter speed of 6,500 frames per second covering an area of 900 pixels per frame. In turn, this generates an image processing power of 5.8 MB of data per second.

Zero mouse acceleration
The QPAD 8K Optical offers zero-mouse acceleration, which provides a one-to-one relationship between the movement by the mouse and the movement on the screen, eliminating failure rate. With its high quality sensor, QPAD 8k Optical can be moved at high speeds while retaining its tracking accuracy. 

The ability to make quick, precise movements – and maintain your sense of control – also depends on the grip. The comfortable, five-finger grip is perfectly balanced, with button placement and a shape ideally suited to right-handed gamers. There’s a tactile sense of quality and power when holding this mouse in your hand, which doesn’t disappoint in the throes of a game.

For gamers who like to move around and play on different computers and setups, this mouse supports Plug & Play for easy installation. No drivers are needed and it carries a 128 kB on-board memory that will store your personal profile settings.  No need to fiddle around once you’re plugged into another computer.

Up to 20 million clicks!
Built to last, the left and right buttons from Omron can handle up to 20 million clicks, which are characterized by a distinctive feedback. Despite its high-end specs, it’s a mouse with a personality. It offers comfort, power and ease of use, all in a optical concept, enabling you to outperform your competitors in the heat of the game and drive your performance to higher levels.

Customized lighting
The kicker for many will be the new RGB LED feature allows gamers to individualize their experience by choosing any color in the spectrum and displaying them in a variety of modes. For
example, you can choose breathing, pulse, rainbow flow or random in any of 16.8 million colors!

Advanced software features
The new feature packed software from QPAD is stuffed with alot of tools to adjust the user experience, such as macro editor, different color modes, advanced sensor tweaking options and much more. After downloading the software no registration or internet connection is needed to get you fully setup!

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