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QPAD|5K Gaming Laser Mouse Re-Review (PC)


This is a little unusual for YARS. Normally once I have done a review, it stays as is. However, by accident I have ended up reviewing this mouse, only to remember that I had looked at it 5 years ago already! So this is an update to the original review. I must say, 5 years has been kind to the QPAD 5K.

The Original Review

It’s funny. I have been really excited about this mouse ever since I first heard about it. That was long before I started getting gaming mice to review. It was billed as the first true gamers Laser mouse.

Now of course I have been a little spoilt, what with Microsoft mice, Saitek, Steelseries and the like, I have had a lot of them to choose from!

So once I finally got my hands on the 5k it had a lot to live up to!

Out of the box the 5k is aesthetically very pleasing. Big and chunky and moulded for your hand. Similar to the Steelseries Ikari, but fatter and more comforable! It has a glowing blue scroll wheel and glowing spots to show the selected resolution. It has five programmable buttons as well as as two switches to change between predefined high and low resolutions. As you would expect from a mouse in this class it has a braided lead with gold USB connector.

The performance is excellent
The performance is excellent

Software is a simple affair that lets you choose what your two predefined resolutions will be and set things like double click speed and of course macros. You can choose between 90 and 5010 dpi, going in increments of 90. It must be said that the macro programming is by far the simplest I have seen yet! These settings are then saved to the mouse, so you do not need to install the software on every computer you use the mouse with. Again you would expect nothing else.


As far as features go, that’s it. But it is a mouse, so what more do you need? Well to be honest, more when you consider the price (£65) of this compared to the Steelseries Ikari (£35-£45)or Xai (£50 – £60). Both of these allow for profiles to be edited on the mouse and the Xai even lets you store five, selectable, profiles.

The performance is excellent, with accurate tracking at high velocities. The mouse is nice to use and is comfortable for long sessions. But as I said before, for this class of mouse you would expect nothing less.

The QPad 5K is an excellent mouse, and had it been released long before I saw the offerings from Steelseries I would have given it a 9 or 10. Still, if you are not a fan of the afore mentioned mice, or you want a mouse with a bit more chunk on it, I can heartily recommend the QPad 5K.

On a side note it is important to remember this is only Qpads first mouse. It is a hell of an entrance piece. If they can keep the feel and performance of the 5k and add the features of some of the competition, the next release could well be a market leader!

5 Years On

5 years on and this is actually my favourite mouse to date. I had forgotten just how comfortable it is to use and just how good it is to use. The accuracy is still there compared to other more modern mice, it has great and simple to use software and to be honest I could happily use it forever more!

Another great thing to have happened in the last 5 years is a price drop, it is now around £50. This is still a lot for a mouse, but having tried many mice since I first got my hands on this, I am more than happy to recommend it at that price.


Since I got this at the end of last year, it has not left my desk. It will take some beating. I am excited to see there is an 8K version now, but for the money, this is tough to beat.


Max Acceleration:
Max Speed:
Image processing:
USB polling rate:
USB Data path:
Sensing pixels:
Sampling rate:
USB plug:
USB Response time:

Width left wing to right wing:
Left wing-to other side:
Right wing to other side:
Front side to side:

Box Dimensions:


Laser Gaming Grade
90 – 5040 CPI (Counts per inch)
30 G
150 inches per second | 3,8m/sec
10.8 MPS (Mega Pixels per second)
1000 HZ (reports per second)
16 bits / axis
7 (Programmable 5)
30×30 pixels
12.000 FPS (Frames per second)
Braided cable 2 meter.
Gold plated
2 years

155 grams



It really does look good! The great big Logo Another look at how pretty it is A good look at the comfort increasing contours Even the software looks good!

Silver Y AwardSilver Y Award
4 4 / 5

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