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Orphan adds PS4 Support in Kickstarter Stretch Goal - IMG 2445

Orphan adds PS4 Support in Kickstarter Stretch Goal

The silhouette-styled indie platformer Orphan is looking to a PS4 release if the game can make its way through its crowdfunding phase.

Set in rural Appalachia to a story of an overnight alien apocalypse, Orphan launched its campaign on Kickstarter last week and has reached just under 15 percent of its $32,000 goal. Developer Windy Hill Studio hopes adding PS4 support, as well as additional backer tiers, will give the campaign a much-needed boost.

“With Kickstarter support waning in the gaming community I set small goals with small tiers and tried to run a conservative campaign,” said studio owner Brandon Goins. “Supporters are saying Orphan needed to go bigger, all the while I’m constantly asked by console gamers if Orphan is coming to PS4. I’m listening, and hoping these changes can help get the campaign back on track.”

Orphan’s plays as a stealth/action platformer centered on a mostly defenseless 8 year old boy in an Earth invaded by hostile alien forces. If it succeeds in its Kickstarter it will be one of many Game Maker: Studio games recently announced for PS4 since the engine added support for PlayStation platforms last year. multiple players are getting error on ps4 port forwarding.

Check out the Kickstarter page –

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