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Doom and Destiny Advanced PC Preview - doom8

Doom and Destiny Advanced PC Preview

Games for handheld devices such as phones are very steadily increasing; no longer is it a rare sight to see a game originally designed to play on the handheld make the climb to such an ancient gargantuan like the PC. Probably the most famous example is the Angry Birds franchise, made for an iPhone but slowly crept into bigger and more mainstream consoles. Following the same tracks through the wilderness of the game industry is Doom and Destiny making their appearance for the PC; created by HeartBit Interactive. Originally designed for the handheld phone and sold at $2.99 for the content and substance this game is very much worth the money but if HeartBit Interactive really want to capitalise on a franchise such as this one it’s really going to have to add some flare with the PC addition. Like any game that has made its arduous journey from handheld to PC has always been added to and expanded.

The PC is probably hundreds of times stronger than a handheld console, so there is not much limitation for the amount the developers can add to the game. But let’s keep it on the subject of a preview. To preview this game, it seems barebones for a PC version; apart from the odd chest or labelled interactive object the maps are bare, with not much exploration. I can see things in which you should be able to explore; such as cupboards, tables, wardrobes and things that could be added such as secret passages, messages on walls, tips to where things can be hidden. What I mentioned sounds very RPG like, with exploration and multi-choice but if HeartBits Interactive want to proclaim ‘Doom & Destiny is an old style RPG’ I think these elements need to be added, of course I only say this because as PC version it would add to the game tremendously.


There are a lot of things in this game which actually define it as an RPG, like for example the roles that a character has, each member is giving quite a distinctive role such as the warrior, barbarian, knight, healer and rogue. From fighting more and more enemies your characters begin to rank up, granting them more power and better attacks. You can obtain certain items which allow for attacks alone to be upgraded which is a good detail. Sometimes behind miniature puzzles can be chests which contain items such as armour which can equipped by your party members to increase their damage or so on. As generic as that is, it’s still a detail which is welcomed by RPG fans such as myself. The combat is also, extremely welcome, I’m glad that there are some developers which still value strategy in their combat and it’s enjoyable trying to defeat harder enemies with four characters with very different abilities, not just attacks but buffs and defensive spells.

As for dialogue and characters there doesn’t seem to be that much of a distinction between the characters one is a nerd, one is stupid, one is sporty and one is funny, however it isn’t really important. What did find particularly jarring were the jokes, there was some jokes in this game which just fell completely flat and some which made me smile. There were some jokes that were just said without any type of context and which were quite stupid to say the least; such as the ‘But first let me take a selfie’ line at the start which is said by one of the characters. References to pop culture is dry and overdone in almost every type of media, it doesn’t need to be in this game. One more example of when a joke fell flat for me was when one of the characters was channelling a spell of some kind and he was meant to be a priest or a religious follower because he was a healer. He said ‘Let me contact the flying spaghetti monster’ I am an atheist myself but I’m sure there are more constructive ways to insult God than this, I’m sure this is a reference to Richard Dawkins when he’s talking about God but it’s just not that funny. On the lighter side of things, a reference did actually make me laugh was when I was ranking up one of my characters and it said ‘1.21 Gigawatts’ as a spell because it was a mage it made me smile because it at least it had context, the spell was so my mage could cast electric based magic. For anyone that doesn’t know it’s a reference to Back to The Future. Just some of the jokes that I thought fell quite flat in the end, there’s a difference between being childish and being funny.

If HeartBit Interactive read this and think I’m being harsh or deliberately critical then understand that for someone to nit pick your game is a good thing; because they can’t find anything wrong with core mechanics so they have to pick at the little things which catch their eye. I enjoyed the combat and map style the most out of everything. It’s just fun and enjoyable the plot was good too; I look forward to what you can do to this PC version.

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