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StoryWall - Interactive Play - StoryWall

StoryWall – Interactive Play

StoryWall is a new, unique experience for children which combines games, wallpaper and other prints with augmented reality. StoryWall offers your children a new way of playing, experimenting and creating their own story full of interaction and fun! It is a combination of wall decoration (wall stickers, wallpaper and posters) and a mobile app for smartphones and tablets. In short: A combination of the real world and the virtual world!

However, the main purpose of StoryWall is not entertainment. It needs to be fun, of course, but we also want to offer a new interactive way for parents and grandparents to play together with their children and grandchildren. StoryWall offers them a way to explore and experience the playful world of StoryWall together.

StoryWall also stimulates children’s creativity and imagination. Every single design can interact and respond to other designs on the wall, allowing children to create their own game and story. Everything is possible! By clicking on items on the smartphone, saving them in the inventory and combining them with other interactive elements on the wall, a whole new world opens up, waiting to be explored.

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