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Halloween night in with Domino's and Zombies - dominos

Halloween night in with Domino’s and Zombies

Running a games review site / blog has some strange perks and leads to some strange offers. Most offers I turn down, ironically it is an ethics issue for me! However, recently I was contacted by Domino’s to partake in a bit of Halloween fun that they were doing as a promotional event. The idea was to get people to write about their gaming Halloween adventures, with a meal on them.

For those out there whose ethics sense is screaming, I am not endorsing Domino’s. I actually really love that they are taking an active interest in the gaming community at a time where it is fashionable to bash us. Also, normally I would have turned it down, but to be honest it sounded like a bit of fun for me and my family – I was right.

So, by way of disclosure, I was sent the following (all pictured):

  1. A voucher for free pizza
  2. An Xbox360 prepaid voucher (in case I needed a scary game to play)
  3. A beer hat (to assist holding the controller)
  4. A “Make your own Zombie movie” cardboard toy set
  5. Cups, plates, napkins and fake cobwebsIMG_1911.JPG

So, what did I get up to? Well, whilst my kids were out trick or treating I set up the cobwebs and made sure I had State of Decay was installed and ready to play once they were in bed!

I chose State of Decay for a couple of reasons. Whilst I love Walking Dead, I have played every variation I can of the seasons now. I also love the tension SoD can build up. I love zombie games, but am a bit of a ‘fraidy cat, so can only handle so much horror as well !!

Once the kids were in bed, I settled in with my beer hat, a bit of Pizza and State of Decay ready to go and do you know what? It was great fun!

I did start to set up the make your own zombie set, but there is a fair amount of prep to do. However, with luck tonight my daughter and I will be filming it and I can get it up on the site as soon as I can.

I would like to thank Domino’s for helping create a fun night.

Check out their blog as there are a couple of nice gaming related blogs there and on their way.



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