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Albedo: Eyes from Outer Space Comes to Steam Early Access

Merge Games today announces the release of Albedo: Eyes from Outer Space – a new action packed 3D escape the room FPS hybrid, inspired by the Sci-Fi movies of the 1960s. Albedo will launch on Steam Early Access this Friday 3rd October priced $14.99 USD, £10.99 or €14.99.
Albedo: Eyes from Outer Space has been in development for three years by just one man, Fabrizio Zagaglia. The surprising mix of escape the room, exploration, action, puzzle and first person shooter elements releases on Early Access with 12 levels with another eight being added in the run up to launch in February 2015.You play John T. Longy, a night watchman at a partially abandoned research facility called Jupiter where scientists are conducting research into space and time. It’s a night like every other when, suddenly you hear a loud noise outside. You black out and when you awaken you are in a basement where strange things are happening and weird creatures live. Explore Jupiter to unravel the mysteries and solve the problems that lie ahead. Fight for your survival as you close in on the secrets that lie hidden in the darkness…During Early Access, Fabrizio will continue to polish and bug fix as well as continuing the story after the cliffhanger at the end of level 12, introduce new alien species and develop new environments.

Albedo: Eyes from Outer Space Comes to Steam Early Access - 52399 guard1
Albedo: Eyes from Outer Space Comes to Steam Early Access - 52400 hall4
Albedo: Eyes from Outer Space Comes to Steam Early Access - 52402 outdoor
  • Stunning 3D environments and detailed objects all developed in Unity3D.
  • First person shooter elements mixed with puzzle and adventure to produce over eight hours of challenging gameplay.
  • 12 detailed levels to explore, each full of mystery, strange visions and intricate puzzles to solve and escape the room.
  • Other than the introductory scene, the game uses only in-game footage and no cut scenes.
  • An advanced physics engine making object interaction extremely immersive. Pick up and use over 100 objects, as you would expect to in reality.
  • Hint system and ‘device’ to see into the future to solve complex problems.
  • A 60’s Sci-Fi pulp movie inspired narrative, with plenty of mystery and suspense!
  • Multiple challenging mini-games.
  • Hidden areas, easter eggs and achievements.
  • Realistic sound effects will envelope you in your surroundings.
Trailer View trailer
Genre Action Adventure with Puzzle elements
Release date Friday 3rd October 2014 (Steam Early Access)
Publisher Merge Games, view our trailer here.
Developer Z4GO and Ivan Venturi Productions
Format PC and Mac
Available View on Steam


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