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GamesAid Distributes  £438,000 to 7 Charities! - 3517 gamesaid

GamesAid Distributes £438,000 to 7 Charities!

GamesAid is pleased to announce the seven charities that received the most votes from you, our members, and will go on to receive a donation of £62,571 each.

A total of £438,000 has been raised in 2013-4, bringing cumulative funds raised by the charity’s loyal supporters since it was established in 2007 to £1.2 million.

The five charities are: AccuroAction for KidsJigsaw 4uLifelitesMAPS – Mentoring and Advocacy and Peer Support[email protected]Special Effect.

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Accuro supports children / adults with a disability and their families with a wide range of services from shared carers, family Support Workers along with Holiday Schemes, Youth Groups, Saturday Play Club and Adult Schemes. Accuro also offers support from the birth of a child through Parenting Support with home visits to provide advice as how to access local services.
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Action for Kids is a national charity working closely with families of disabled children and young people to help them deal with the barriers to independence by funding specialist equipment, offering family support and providing a wide range of education and training options and access to work programmes.
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Jigsaw 4u is a charity working to support children and young people through the trauma, loss and bereavement. It brings together children and young people who feel alone and different, so that by sharing their experiences they can develop the tools to move forward with their lives.
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Lifelites installs and maintains packages of the very latest fun and educational technology for the 7,100 severely disabled and terminally ill children who stay, play and learn in all 44 of the children’s hospices in the UK. Gaming is central to the Lifelites package. The lives of children in the hospices are often dictated by strict medication regimes and their disabilities – playing games helps them escape from all that.
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MAPS is a specialist mentoring programme, which provides every young person referred with a long-term, one-to-one mentor who is carefully selected support the young person for 12 months. Working with South London’s most vulnerable young people. MAPS expertly places people who listen with young people who need to be heard.
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[email protected] provides a range of services to support young people who are at risk through running away and, as a result, are at risk of becoming involved in dangerous lifestyles choices such as taking drugs, abusing alcohol, sleeping rough, having unsafe sex, missing school and much more.
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Special Effect is the only UK based charity dedicated to helping ALL people with disabilities enjoy video games. From injured soldiers to young disabled people who can’t play any other way. Special Effect is changing the way the whole world plays through collaboration with developers and the acclaimed online information service, the Gamebase.
Funds have been raised throughout the year in many ways by those working in the videogames industry, including large company-wide events, individual baking sessions and independently organised sporting activities. The significant sums involved this year are a clear illustration of the growing support for the fund-raising collective within the industry.

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