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'Tank or Boyfriend' offers an odd choice, at half price on Steam. -

‘Tank or Boyfriend’ offers an odd choice, at half price on Steam.

Mousechief is the creator of critically acclaimed titles: Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble! and 7 Grand Steps.

Mousechief Co. reveals its next game, in development for a year. TANK or BOYFRIEND will be a turn based strategy game with the engagement of Advance Wars and the causticity of Catch-22.exportedGraphic.pdf

In TANK or BOYFRIEND, command the first armored task force attached to the U.S. Department of Education.

Nurture romance on the battlefield, while confronting bullies, lunatics, fanatics, and worse: politicians.

Learn to love police action. It’s the new, advanced war.

An early, playable preview of the game will be released later this year. Similar to The Stanley Parable’s early demos, the TANK or BOYFRIEND preview will tell its own story, separate from the final game’s story. Crafted in Unity-2D, it will play on multiple platforms.

To celebrate, Mousechief has discounted its three games on Steam, by 50% all this week.

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