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Portable extra storage for your Apple and Android device - mygalerie top2

Portable extra storage for your Apple and Android device

myGalerie gives you additional portable storage for your Apple and Android™ devices and lets you share photos, videos, music and more with up to three devices. myGalerie is a pocket size device which allows you to get extra storage without connecting to the Internet or use up your data allowance.

myGalerie is easy to install, portable and battery operated. Download Free App, connect the device to your Apple or Android Smartphone or Tablet via Wifi and you’re ready to start sharing your favourite multimedia content simultaneously with up to three people.

The ultra compact design directly connects wirelessly to your Apple and Android device and is designed to be used at home or on the move.

myGalerie supports up to 128GB SD extra storage. It also supports most major video file playback such as MKV and AVI videos with up to 4 hours playback in battery mode.

Key Features

  • Streaming video, music, photo and document wirelessly to your mobile device via Wifi
  • Support SD Card (SDHC class 6 above) up to 128GB storage
  • Micro USB 2.0 for data transfer
  • Support simultaneous connection 3 device to read file. Support Bridge Mode
  • Built in Lithium-Battery, up to 4 hrs playback
  • Support Photo upload and download
  • Upload record video from your device’s library
  • Supports send a document as mail attached
  • Supports iOS and Android application
  • Supports 3rd party MKV, AVI player for more video format choice.

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