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Rollabear is out NOW on iOS - rollerbear

Rollabear is out NOW on iOS

Matmi today proudly announce that their mobile game Rollabear is available to download NOW via the Apple App Store.

As the first of the autumn leaves start to fall, so do the Rollabears! Flinging themselves across 3 magical wonderlands, the funny, bouncing, dodging, flying, rolling bears are sure to cause chaos on the app store.

Players can expect 3 wild modes of play (Campaign, Ten Round, and Survivor) as they embark on a brightly coloured adventure. Transported from a soap-sud sodden Laundromat; penguin and hillbilly bowling pins await players in the rugged mountain trails of The Rockies, the blossoming mystical lands of Asia and the freezing, icy white peaks of the Arctic.

“What a rumpus!” declared Lord Gillsworth whilst commenting on the launch from his goldfish bowl home at the Rollabear Laundromat. “One has seen many unusual things in one’s time, but the gaggle of celebribears clamouring to get their paws on one’s magical time-warping fish has been rather splendid.”

Matmi’s CEO Jeff Coghlan also commenting on the launch said “We’ve been thrilled with the reaction to Rollabear in the run up to the launch, especially to our crazy celebribear endorsements. Telling people that the game is a bowling-crazy-golf mix up with fuzzy balls of rolling bears and time-warping fish I think has surprised and intrigued many! We know it’s a bit mad but we’ve had so much fun making Rollabear. We’re very proud that we’ve created something truly unique that looks great too and are chuffed that we can now share our game with people. We just hope they love magic fish and rolling around as much we do.”

To help celebrate the launch, for a limited time only, Matmi are offering players the chance to join Bubba bear, Poppy, Angus and over 20 of their dancing bear friends for a very special price of just 69p! So fly, bounce and roll your way over to the Apple App Store now.

Rollabear will be coming to Google Play, Amazon and Windows Stores later this year.

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