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Punch Pop Fizz joins the Skylanders Giants line up today!

After years of experimenting with magic, Pop Fizz’s appearance has changed quite significantly. His latest experiment has resulted in the creation of an all-new limited edition* Pop Fizz, known as Punch Pop Fizz and he is landing in the UK today.  But hurry, the potion only created a limited amount of these characters so you will need to get him quickly!

Punch Pop Fizz is known to be a little crazy and in his attempts to create the most effective charm potion he ended up with a potion that turned him into a big, wild, berserker!  His antics and wild child behaviour makes him an exciting addition to any Skylanders Giants collection as he now joins the other Giants in their fight against Kaos to save their world!

Punch Pop Fizz needs a new lab partner so hurry up and get your hands on this toy and remember, as Punch Pop Fizz would say, the motion is in the potion!

Available in stores across UK & Ireland now, Punch Pop Fizz is a feisty addition to the Skylanders Giants world.

Skylanders Giants is the latest in the video game franchise where players can watch their toys come to life in a virtual experience as they are placed on the magical Portal of Power®.  As well as being twice the size, the giants have exciting new powers and abilities to match their size.

*Only 25,000 amount available, whilst stock lasts


DISCLAIMER: Character information is fictitious and created internally by Activision

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