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skyDIEving Available to Download Now for Oculus Rift - skyDIEvingLogo

skyDIEving Available to Download Now for Oculus Rift

Are you ready to have your mind quite literally blown?

skyDIEving is our Oculus Rift experimental-game-demo-falling simulator-game thing. Technical, I know. Download it now for cutting edge stereophonic excitement. Today we are unleashing this into the world for you (yes, YOU!) to poke at.

Oh, it runs fine on regular displays too. And, get this, you can jump to your doom with friends. That’s right, multiplayer doom diving!

We want to make this thing into something amazing, astonishing, awe inspiring and other ‘a’ related adjectives. Your input is going to be invaluable as we grow this thing. Is it a game? Is it a new kind of social media? Is it a really weak metaphor for the human experience as expressed through the wonder of mariachi music? We sure don’t know yet, and that is the exciting thing about this. Seriously, we’re tingling with the sheer possibilities.

Competition Fun Time!

We are also running a fancy competition where you can plunge to your doom strapped to a real person out of a real aircraft (OK, maybe not doom, but it sounds so much more exciting that way). Want to enter, or tell your readers / viewers / worshippers how they can enter? You do? Great, here’s how:

Step 1: Create a super awesome video that involves our skyDIEving demo in some way
Step 2: Submit the video to us
Step 3: Win the competition
Step 4: Jump out of a plane and hopefully avoid hitting the ground at terminal velocity

There are two prizes on offer. One for those of you who live in the UK and one for all you other lovely people;

UK Prize – A tandem skydive to be arranged once the winner is announced (winner will need to make their way to the location).

Rest of the Word Prize – Amazon vouchers to the value of £150 (the equivalent in your local currency).

*Click here for utterly dull, but necessary terms and conditions.

So that’s it. skyDIEving. Download it, play it, tell us what you think, feel warm and fuzzy inside.


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