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Bunny Bonker for Android - BunnyBonker Screenshot1

Bunny Bonker for Android

Bunny Bonker is an ultra-cute speed and reflex test game featuring bunnies, payloads and physics that will keep you tapping for more. It is a fun and addictive spin on the legendary ‘whack-a-mole’ arcade game, taken to a whole new level.

Score points by bonking special payloads, extend gameplay with flying clocks and activate magnets and freeze time to rack up your score. Navigate through three beautifully designed chapters filled with unique physics and obstacles, with a total of 30 addictive levels. Unlock achievement badges and if you’re fast enough, you could level up and be a five-star champion bunny bonker.

Made with love by Toronto independent game developers Vanessa Chia (art) and Martin Waltz (code) of Cococucumber.


– Gorgeous artwork for three unique Chapters with a total of 30 Levels
– Special ‘Bonus Bunny’ for each Chapter
– Bonk the bunny’s payload for more points
– Physics, Flying Clocks, Freeze Time and Magnets!
– Bonus Pie Attack mode with a fat bunny
– Support Indie – Made with love in Toronto by indie game makers
– No Ads
– You get to bonk cute bunnies! For fun!
– Cross-platform: Android, iPhone, iPad & Windows Phone

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