UPDATE: Lovefilm to discontinue game rentals

UPDATE: Lovefilm will end its game rental service – for existing customers as well as new customers – on the 8th August at the latest, according to Eurogamer.

“We are no longer offering games rental packages to either new customers, or those who wish to change from a non-games package,” states the Lovefilm FAQ.

‘In order to give the best possible service that we can, we are looking to focus on our strength, which is providing the best selection of film and TV content for our customers, and making it available whenever and wherever you want it.’

It’s important to note that customers who already have an existing game rental package will continue to have access to this service.

Speculatively Lovefilm may feel that the service will have diminished importance with the next generation of consoles looming, although Microsoft’s backtracking on their anti-used game policies for the Xbox One may not have been accounted for in this decision. Whatever way you look at it gaming is a small part of their business, but it is ironic when you consider that consoles are major hubs for the delivery of Lovefilm and Netflix content.

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  1. The only major reason I have a love film account apart from instant streaming is Because of game rentals, I would move to the £4.99 plan if games were to be removed or maybe just go to Netflix

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