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PlayStation Plus Update: July - Screenshot 28

PlayStation Plus Update: July

SCEE have just announced July’s new content for their PlayStation Plus subscription service and my word, Plus is looking like a brilliant service to be involved with. So much so that yours truly has recently signed up for a subscription, and I plan to review some of what I check out for the site!

But back to the topic on hand. For PS3, going live on the 3rd of July are Battlefield 3, Payday: The Heist and Saints Row: The Third. If you enjoy your shoot ’em ups then you’re in for a real treat next month. Respectively, a considered and more tactical alternative to Call of Duty, a co-operative crime spree shooter and a super-crazy take on sandbox playhouses such as GTA sound like good choices to me.

On PS Vita and going live again on the 3rd of July are Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus and Unit 3. Can’t say I’m too familiar with these two games myself but more options for Vita owners sounds sweet. Especially as Gravity Rush and Uncharted: Golden Abyss are sticking around.

The following is a summary of what is leaving and entering PS Plus next month:


  • 3rd July: Kingdoms of Amalur – Reckoning
  • 3rd July: Lord of the Rings: War in the North
  • 3rd July: The Cave
  • 3rd July: Rayman Origins
  • 3rd July: Coconut Dodge


  • 3rd July: Battlefield 3
  • 3rd July: Payday: The Heist
  • 3rd July: Saints Row the Third
  • 3rd July: Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus
  • 3rd July: Unit 13


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