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New Site and continuous improvement plan! - PrtScr capture 22

New Site and continuous improvement plan!

Hi all.

Well, you may have noticed that YARS has had a minor facelift.  Under the hood we have moved over to wordpress. Whilst this means some of the custom stuff has gone, it makes the site much cleaner and more manageable!

What’s new?

  • We have moved from the old and rather complex scoring system to a much easier 5 star approach.
  • There is a new little gamified widget from the amazing guys at Captain Up. If you look to the right there is a little floating box, click it and join the game. See if you can out share and comment Ben!!
  • Articles and reviews will be richer, content is much easier for us to update now!
  • Better mobile template and a more flexible layout.

What’s the same?

Mostly the desire to deliver a great experience that you can all be involved in! If you register, you can instantly start submitting content to us. All we do is check it over and if we like it, publish it. If you want to become a games reviewer or want a place to get your opinion heard – just register and get going!

If you had an account before and had work published – your login will still work (I hope….)

Keep your eyes open for more updates on the site as I make them.

Thanks and we look forward to your new content and continued custom 🙂 Oh, and please be patient with a few teething problems!

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