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Fixie Joe - Can You Save The Factory From Destruction? -

Fixie Joe – Can You Save The Factory From Destruction?

Beautifully simple controls, eye popping 3D HD visuals and a funky upbeat techno soundtrack, Fixie Joe by Retromade Games Studio is available now from the Apple AppStore and Android PlayStore.

Fixie Joe - Can You Save The Factory From Destruction? - available Fixie Joe - Can You Save The Factory From Destruction? - Fixie Joe - Can You Save The Factory From Destruction? - 

Fixie Joe – Can You Save The Factory From Destruction?

With so many games falling below expectations, Retromade are proud to release a high quality 3D game, you will experience the same look and feel of a console game.  With so many games that are a freemium trap for the customer, you get game free and later need to pay for everything in order to progress or win.  Fixie Joe’sat the cheapest price possible and offers gamers 10 packed action levels with hours of gameplay and replay ability.  We don’t believe in distorting and diluting the game’s experience it’s totally ad free.  Unsure if you’ll likeFixie Joe? There’s also a free version that’s also 100% ad free.  We’re certain that once gamers have tried our free version, the crisp HD 3D graphics and retro inspired gameplay will leave them wanting more and at a ridiculously low price of $0.99/£0.69/€0.89, players will get a console quality game for less than the price of a bar of candy.

Jose A. Gallardo, Lead Developer and Game Concept Design, said “We believe in simple gameplay.  So many games need a big tutorial, have too many buttons and actions it’s unnecessarily confusing.  Fixie Joe is very simple to control, like a classic platformer which keeps with our love of everything retro.  We worked hard over the last year to develop this game and during this time the game’s styling, graphics and story have changed but we kept the important rule – keep it simple.  If you’re an adult, Fixie Joe will make you reminisce of classic games  and with no scares, jumps or gore, it’s a game that kids will love to play alone or to explore and enjoy together”.
Fixie Joe is our tribute to classic platform games, like Mario Bros., Pitfall, Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy.

About the game
Fixie Joe works as mechanic in a factory and one night he’s the only mechanic at work when a storm arrives. Lightning damages the factory, making the working robots go crazy and start damaging the machinery. Now it’s up to Fixie Joe to collect nuts and tools to repair the machines and save the factory from disaster.

– Run & Jump through 10 levels full action and hazard filled, avoiding the crazy robots, collecting nuts and repairing broken machines
– Autosave game at every checkpoint
– Pick up and play control system
– High quality HD 3D graphics
– Industrial techno music soundtrack
– Hours of gameplay
– A score system to evaluate your skills level by level
– An epic final Big Boss

Game for iOS (iPad 2 / iPhone 4 or higher recommended) and Android (3.0 or higher) and it can be found in both the Arcade and Action Games categories in the App Store / Google Play.

Available on the AppStore now:

Available Google PlayStore now:

Coming very soon to PC & Mac

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