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Deliver up some info on 'Profiler' (OTHER) - Profiler   Google Play   Screenshot 3

Deliver up some info on ‘Profiler’ (OTHER)

Anuman Games will be giving Android devices ‘Profiler’ on April 11th, a hidden object game that has dabs of ‘The Killing’s’ plot in it…no complaints.

Deliver up some info on Profiler

Will you be able to find him on time? June Smith will soon be replacing Deckard, a police officer set to retire. He will still be around for a few days, to show her the ropes, but they won’t be resting: several cases are waiting. The murderer seems to be following a precise pattern. Smith and Deckard will have to investigate to discover who the serial killer is an prevent him from killing again. Help them in the investigation and carefully examine the crime scenes: time is against you!

Prove your ability as a profiler to your NYPD boss -Find all the clues at the crime scenes, decipher the secret code used by the killer in the messages left on his victims, and finally, discover where the serial killer is hiding! Search the many crime scenes: a gloomy alley, an underground car park, a disused well, a hotel room and more. Thanks to the realistic graphical style, the evocative music and the mind bending puzzles, you will feel immersed in the investigation and part of a thriller!

  Key Features

● 40 screens to examine
● Secret code to decipher and anonymous messages to decode.
● Search crimes scenes for clues and hidden objects
● Amazing, realistic graphics and gruesome crime scenes
● Helpful hint system

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