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Dead Island truck shows up at 'Dead Island: Riptide' events...female torsos in back optional? (OTHER) - steinhardt 21

Dead Island truck shows up at ‘Dead Island: Riptide’ events…female torsos in back optional? (OTHER)

To help promote the next chapter in the successful Dead Island series, Deep Silver has teamed up with London based custom vehicle fabricators Xquisite. The team has taken a completely standard Ford Ranger pickup truck and transformed it into a fully fortified zombie killing machine. Featuring fully armoured windows, rear mounted mini-gun, lethal spiked wheels and a menacing front end barricade.

Dead Island truck shows up at Dead Island: Riptide events...female torsos in back optional?

“The truck is the perfect tool to help us push the Dead Island Riptide brand,” stated Nick Turner, Product Manager at Deep Silver. “Pickup trucks play a large role within the Dead Island series and we’ve brought this to life by building our own fortified truck.”
The truck build has been documented exclusively for YouTube Original Channel Fast, Furious and Funny, in an episode featuring FFF regular ‘K’ and his team of master craftsmen at Xquisite. The episode has been split into two parts, both airing now on YouTube.
Part 1:
Part 2:
The Dead Island Riptide pickup truck will appear at various events and promotions, with Deep Silver giving away exclusive Dead Island Riptide prizes to fans that spot the truck and upload photos to Twitter using the hashtag #RiptideTour. It will also be featured in Fast Car Magazine issue #330 which hits the shelves on April 30.
Deep Silver is also launching a promotion for retailers who put on a Dead Island Riptide window display. The best-dressed window displays will have the chance of the Dead Island Riptide pickup truck appearing outside their store. All interested retailers should contact [email protected] for further information and to request a promotional pack.

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