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Atari Inc. files for bankruptcy (ARTICLES) - Atari Games logo1

Atari Inc. files for bankruptcy (ARTICLES)

Atari Inc. is the latest subsidiary of the parent Atari SA to split from the brand

Atari Inc. files for bankruptcy

Atari SA, the French parent company has been on a downward financial slide for many years now, and it takes another blow as one of its last subsidiaries files for bankruptcy to be released from the parent company. In recent years, Atari SA has sold off a majority of their studios. Cryptic Studios, developers behind Star Trek Online, were sold after 2 years under the Atari brand, while Eden Games (developers of the Test Drive: Unlimited series), another of Atari SA divisions were closed down last summer.  With this file for bankruptcy, Atari Inc., along with Atari Interactive, have taken the decision to do this to separate from their parent company, so they can focus on their own independently funded digital games.

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