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‘Dead Trigger’ tests out trigger finger capabilities of touch screen abusers (IOS)

Madfinger games have released their zombie puncturing shoot-’em-up ‘Dead Trigger’ today on the App store, an impressive looking gore fest for iOS devices.

Dead Trigger tests out trigger finger capabilities of touch screen abusers

Madfinger Games has already established a reputation as a game developer capable of delivering visuals that push the limits of mobile technology with titles like Shadowgun. Developed using the Unity game engine, Dead Trigger is raising the bar for mobile game graphics even higher.

Madfinger Games worked hard on making their game different from the abundance of other zombie-themed video games out there. “Dead Trigger stands out visually because of the game making process itself,” said Benysek, lead programmer at Madfinger Games, who added that the game employs a number of tools and effects you’d find in big budget console games like advanced shaders, detailed character and enemy models, and even motion capture for “both living and undead animations.”

The team pointed out that they put a lot of time and energy into crafting the game’s enemy AI, too. Unlike some undead-themed games, zombies in Dead Trigger aren’t simply braindead drones shambling about, hoping to take a bite out of players, but they actually react adaptively to the player’s movements, and will do things like climb over obstacles to get to them.

Dead Trigger takes place in an alternate reality version of 2012 where modern civilization is on the brink of collapse and hordes of undead flesh-eaters now roam the Earth. Even though Dead Trigger’s storyline is purely fantasy, the team said that its fiction draws some inspiration from real-life…albeit in a highly-exaggerated “worst-case-scenario” way.

Madfinger Games said that they aren’t simple going to release the game and move onto the next project. “We will ceaselessly be working on it post-release to enhance it as much as possible,” promised Michal Babjár, Vice President of MADFINGER Games. He explained that like a number of console games, post-release support for Dead Trigger will include both technical improvements and brand-new gameplay content. “We hope to continue to surprise players with the new updates we have planned. Even after Dead Trigger is out, players can look forward to new missions, weapons, characters and much more.”

Dead Trigger is carving up the App Store, available now for $0.99, €0.79 or £0.69. This Universal App is compatible with iPhone 4G, iPhone 4S, iPod 4G and all iPads.

Android version of Dead Trigger will be released in few days.

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