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'Washington's Wig' covers up bare areas of the Xbox Indie Marketplace (XBLA) - WW

‘Washington’s Wig’ covers up bare areas of the Xbox Indie Marketplace (XBLA)

Did you catch IGN’s ‘The Next Game Boss’ and root for Team Fist Puncher to win? WEll, they’re now Team2Bit, and their winning title ‘Washington’s Wig’ is arriving on the Xbox Live Indie Games Marketplace.

Washingtons Wig covers up bare areas of the Xbox Indie Marketplace

Play as George Washington’s loyal canine, Dogsworth McFreedom, as he tries to return his master’s lost wig in this factually disputed account of one the most audacious surprise attacks in military history. Washington’s Wig contains multiple play modes including an endless runner mode, a level-based arcade mode, a time trial mode, and a 2-player simultaneous race mode. Featuring English dogs in canoes, a patriotic sturgeon, bass thumping hot beats, and crossover characters from two of this summer’s hottest indie games, Escape Goat and A Virus Named TOM, Washington’s Wig is a joyous return to the simplicity and challenge of old-school gameplay. Washington’s Wig is available for 80 Microsoft Points ($1) starting June 26th.

About Team2Bit
Team2Bit is an independent videogame studio consisting of brothers Jake and Matt Lewandowski. In addition to releasing Washington’s Wig, the duo has been working on Fist Puncher, a multi-player, side-scrolling brawler for Xbox and PC. Fist Puncher follows a team of vigilantes led by Dr. Karate, world renowned neurosurgeon and black belt, as they perform unnecessary surgery on the crime lords that hold a lawless city in their brutal grip. Team2Bit completed a successful Kickstarter campaign for Fist Puncher last month and are planning to release the game later this year.

About The Next Game Boss
‘The Next Game Boss’ debuted earlier this year on IGN’s new .Start network, a collaboration between IGN and YouTube aiming to create unique, videogame-centric programming. Appearing on the show as Team Fist Puncher, Team2Bit emerged victorious with Washington’s Wig, a continuous runner featuring off-beat humor and retro-styled graphics.

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