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Diablo is getting killed on metacritic - Rant Warning (ARTICLES) - big y

Diablo is getting killed on metacritic – Rant Warning (ARTICLES)

With one of the largest releases in gaming history now behind us, it’s hard not to see the massive negative reaction from the fans. With a 3.7 user score on metacritic, the whining and crying of the fans is starting to muck up the internet.


With so many issues day one, its no wonder that so many people are complaining, but are their cries valid? Maybe, but giving a game 0 because of day one server issues and incessant nerdrage isn’t exactly fair. In a perfect world, all people would have objective opinions on all things, keeping their judgements fair and balanced, but this isn’t a perfect world. This is a world were games don’t have enough servers for day one, or have all ways online DRM that keeps people from playing the single player mood because of the said server shortage. This is a world where metacritic loses all of its validity to a flood of a half baked opinions and outrage over something that a little patience would fix.

Sure, its frustrating to buy a game and not be able to play it on release day, but I can’t help but feel that in a time where we preorder games,  waiting a few more days for kinks and bugs to be resolved isn’t such a bad thing. You’ve waiting 10 years already, why can’t you wait two more days for the game to be fixed?  Why didnt these same people complain and post bad reviews when it took blizzard a decade to release a desired sequel to a much beloved game?

The real people who have a right to be pissed, are the ones who had to spend hours scouring the internet looking for fix after fix just so that could get to that screen that told them the servers were down. I am one of those people, and after wasting the better part of my day trying to get a game i’ve eagerly awaited since dropping out of college to work, all i can think about is how much I look forward to playing it. So please, do the world a favor and grow up. Its a video game! if this is all you have to get pissed off about, then your life must be pretty great, and you should be thankful.  This is after all, entertainment, not a birthright. 

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