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It doesn't matter if Diablo 3 sucks! (ARTICLES) - diablo iii logo450

It doesn’t matter if Diablo 3 sucks! (ARTICLES)

Diablo 3 may end up being a bust, and if it does, we still have Diablo 2 to keep us waiting another ten years for the next one to come around!

It doesnt matter if Diablo 3 sucks!

With the massive release of Diablo 3 just around the corner, many people are speculating on how good it’s going to be.  After ten years in development, there are some pretty hefty expectations weighing down on Blizzards shoulders. While they aren’t a company that tends to disappoint, so much hype does have some people a little worried. Not me though, and here’s why. Diablo 2 is still a great game, and at only $20 on, it’s a steal for the amount of content you get.

I was playing just the other day in preparation for the massive release next month, and I still found myself lost in the point and click world of Sanctuary. With seven distinct classes, each with three varying skill trees, randomly generated levels and weapons, this game still has so much relevance today if you can get past the dated graphics. Hell, Blizzard could release a high-res texture pack for D2 and I think gamers would be happy enough. This game has amazing staying power with people still playing it regularly after ten years.

As a fan of the necromancer class, I’ve played this character so many times, its borderline ridiculous.  I’ve branched out enough that I know what I enjoy about the other classes, but I keep coming back to this one. The reason for that is simple. It’s not the specific class, but rather how diverse each class is from the others, and how many ways there are to play each class.  Every time I play, I can put enough tweaks in my skill structure that it’s fun and different enough to keep me playing.  This is true for all seven classes in the game, and with the three rising difficulty levels and random weapon/armour drops, it’s so easy to keep coming back. This game isn’t perfect by any means, but it’s very well made, and has a lot of content to come back to.

It’s hard not to wonder if D3 is going to mess up this working formula with all of its changes. Maybe spamming potions isn’t the best mechanic for game play, but the new idea of random health drops reminds me a little too much about the sudden shift FPS games went through after Halo came out. Sometimes games are good enough that the formula doesn’t need to be messed with. Here’s hoping Blizzard has actually made the formula better. With so many Diablo clones out, the game style hasn’t fared so well over the years.  I can’t help but think about the new Duke Nukem, and how much flack it got for not evolving with the rest of the FPS games. While I don’t feel Diablo needs to evolve much, this does come to mind when thinking about how long both games have been in production. Duke Nukem 3D is still a fun game to play, but its sequel didn’t translate well into our current times.  I’m not worried though, I’ve still got my Necromancer I can play with!

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