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Rayman: Origins Review (PSVITA)

Stop reading and buy this game!

If it were up to me, this review would simply read “Buy this game!” Sadly, it’s not up to me, and protocol states that I have to write at least 750 words explaining something I can say in 3. Instead of reading this, go out and buy this game! Rayman Origins is just that good a game, and now I get to sound like a (raving) rabid fan boy! Rayman Origins is a 2d platformer that’s available for every system except the 3ds (I hear it’s in the works, but its a few months down the road). This is a game that I originally played on the Xbox via the demo, and decided within 15 min that I wanted to buy it. For whatever reason though, I decided to put it off – I’m sure my girlfriend made it clear that I didn’t have the money or something; either way, a few months later, it released for the Vita and I bought it the day it came out. Some have told me that it’s better on the big screen, and I’m sure this is true, but this game still looks amazing on the OLED screen, and it handles well with the controls. Rayman: Origins There really isn’t any cohesive story to follow other than the fact that the Rayman Crew snores loudly when they sleep and the people who live under their tree don’t like it. Like every annoying neighbor, they seek revenge for the noise violation. Pretty basic, and I will leave you with that for the story line. The graphics are amazing. The entire game was hand painted and it shows as you run through the wacky levels doing some of the greatest platforming in gaming history. Each level looks and feels unique and different enough that you just want to keep playing to see what’s next. Each of the four characters (eight if you count the different skins) all look interesting and have their own move sets that’s distinguish them from each other. This is a great looking game with vibrant colors, fun imagery, and compelling levels that keep your eyes hungry for more.

a simple, yet deep, platformer that stuns the eyes and keeps the fingers moving

The game play is simple enough as you travel through the different worlds and take on new powers. Each world becomes more challenging as you learn to use all your skills to traverse the obligatory snow or fire levels. This game reminds me a lot of Earthworm Jim, but better. Few 2d platformers really have the Wow factor is takes to be compared to greats like Mario 3, but this one does. Rayman: OriginsThe sounds are often silly, without becoming repetitive. I’d hear the same music or sound effect a few times, and it would only become more entertaining each time I heard it. The score is light hearted and very well done, fitting the overall the feel of the game like an armless hand in a big white glove. The little golden insect things you collect all hum and sing as you pick them up, which brought a smile to my face every time it happened. Few games have the ability to make me giggle. Maybe that’s why I enjoyed this one so much. Rayman: Origins Now it’s time for the bummer part of the review. This game doesn’t feature the same balls to the wall Multiplayer of its console counter parts. I personally didn’t have an issue with this, but I can see how other people would. For me, Rayman Origins is the perfect on-the-go Vita game that you can just pick up and start playing while you wait for your dicey blood test results, or while you’re sobering up before driving home. For me, it doesn’t need multiplayer, but since the console versions have it, it’s worth noting that it’s not featured in this iteration. Rayman: OriginsRayman: Origins really blew me away. At a time in my life when I thought I couldn’t be entertained without Plasmids, or V.A.T.S, this game came along and showed me that the kid in me is still very much alive and hungry for this kind of experience. There are few games out there that can hold my attention like this one does, and that’s important to note, because this isn’t some deep complex shooter with twists and turns. It’s just a simple, yet deep, platformer that stuns the eyes and keeps the fingers moving while you play. This isn’t something that I can explain so you just need to get out there and play it yourself. With that said, I’ve used up my 750 words and not a single one more.

The Good: Great visuals and game play, A must own for Vita.
The Bad: No Multiplayer (only because I have to have at least one Con!)

Rayman: Origins Rayman: Origins Rayman: Origins Rayman: Origins 

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