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BATTLESHIP®: The Video Game – Trailer (360, PS3)

The greatest battle that Earth will ever face is about to commence. Can you combine the strategy of war with the skills of a first person shooter to save our great planet from alien invasion? Ahead of BATTLESHIP®: The Video Game’s release, today sees the release of an Xbox 360/PS3 gameplay trailer and screenshots.


BATTLESHIP®: The Video Game - Trailer

The tides at sea have turned against the US Navy as alien invaders are mounting a full attack. Play as elite specialist Cole Mathis and take command of the Naval fleet to fend off superior force threats across land, sea, and air. Fire up realistic Navy battleship cannons and sink the oncoming alien enemies into the depths at sea. Take the battle inland as you fight and shoot your way to victory in this ultimate life or death battle to save humankind.

BATTLESHIP®: The Video Game hits shelves in Europe 20th April 2012 for Xbox 360 and PS3. The Wii, 3DS and DS versions, which feature different gameplay, are also available on 20th April. For more information, please


Battleship the game is rated BBFC 12.

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