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Total War Battles: Shogun for iOS (IOS)

SEGA® of America, Inc. and SEGA® Europe, Ltd. today announced Total War Battles: Shogun™ for mobile platforms. The latest addition to the award-winning Total War strategy series from The Creative Assembly, Total War Battles: Shogun™ is a re-imagining of Total War, not a PC port, and is designed specifically for mobile platforms with a multi-touch interface.


Mike Simpson, Creative Director, said: “We’re thrilled to bring Total War’s compelling real-time battles to mobile devices. We’ve designed a fresh new interface, combat mechanics and visuals specifically for mobile platforms through the Unity engine. Players will face absorbing new tactical challenges across an extensive narrative-driven campaign, with numerous side missions to explore.”

“This isn’t a Total War PC game experience on mobile devices,” added Brand Director Rob Bartholomew. “It’s a distinct, suitable, immersive and above all high-quality title that sits right for the format. Total War Battles is a new franchise for mobile gaming that inherits the high-quality strategy gaming principles from our core series, but tailored into a game mechanic that specifically fits the mobile format.”


Total War Battles: Shogun follows the story of a bereaved young samurai whose hot-headed thirst for revenge quickly embroils him in a war for control of the Shogunate. Players will direct his campaign across Japan in a series of real-time battles, unlocking buildings and units and upgrading favoured troops as they progress.


An enormous depth of tactical gameplay awaits, with a 10-hour plus campaign, bonus challenge missions and a shared-screen head-to-head multiplayer mode. Beautifully illustrated medieval Japanese visuals accompany remarkable audio in a single scalable app, ensuring the best possible experience regardless of device.


Total War Battles: Shogun™ for iPhone and iPad hits the iTunes App Store and the Android marketplace on April 19th, 2012.

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