Music Game Experts Launch Echo Peak

Announcing today, Echo Peak is a specialist games developer focusing on collaborative projects with top creative talent from the music industry and beyond. Led by the creative duo behind the critically acclaimed “Chime” – Game Director Ciaran Walsh and Creative Director Ste Curran – in partnership with Tenshi Ventures and former Zoe Mode Studio Head Ed Daly, the team brings together talent from doublesix, EA and Freestyle Games to create games for consoles and emerging digital platforms.

Music Game Experts Launch Echo Peak

“We are passionate about working with talent outside our industry in ways that are smarter, more interesting and more audience-focused than just plugging songs into well-worn templates”, says Ciaran Walsh.  “Our experience in music games led us to this point, and music seems a natural place to start — bringing these two worlds closer makes so much sense — which is why we’re working with leading artists and labels to develop a number of concepts.”
Echo Peak’s first title, a collaboration with a major global music star, is in development now. Interested parties– whether they’re in the music industry, games industry or just people who want to know more about how Echo Peak plans to build something new — can get in touch via  [email protected] or @echospeaks on twitter.  

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