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'Dragons Vs. Unicorns' splurts some guts (IOS) - screen1

‘Dragons Vs. Unicorns’ splurts some guts (IOS)

Digital Harmony Games, a new interactive entertainment developer of social, casual games, today revealed new single player details for the upcoming multiplayer, free-to- play game Dragons vs. Unicorns, which will launch on iOS, Android and Browsers this year. Additionally, new screenshots have been released that introduce never-before-seen characters, like the Kamikaze Bat and Pimp Turtle, and the adorable Unicornlings players are charged with protecting! Players can visit to check out all the new details.

Dragons Vs. Unicorns splurts some guts

Dragons vs. Unicorns’ single player mode is an action defensive mode where players take charge of the Unicorn and defend the adorable baby unicornlings hatched from the nests.  The goal is to protect the unicorn eggs and nests from the Dragon Minions as waves and waves of Dragon Minions approach in each successive level!  Players will earn points for hatching unicorns and gold for killing minions.

Protecting the precious unicorn eggs aren’t the only task players are charged with, they must also protect the cute and cuddly bunnies that hop from the opposite side of the field to sit on top of the unicornling eggs for incubation.  Since the unicorn has made a pact with all things cute, players have the advantage of sending the cuddly hedgehog – who bows to the unicorns every move – flying across the field like a boomerang mowing down anything in its path!

In this action-packed game, players can collect ability orbs from enemy kills to command powerful elements; like the Happy Sun Beam that fries multiple enemies on the screen all at once.  Master the high score leaderboards, and earn gold and cupcakes to spend in the Dragons vs. Unicorns store for defensive and offensive upgrades and new abilities!

Dragons vs. Unicorns offers an immersive experience with a simple and intuitive control scheme and easy click and gesture based control.  PVP fans will find dynamic physics with realistic damage in the sprite filled, sparkly rainbow and molten lava driven world.  Single player mode, VS Multiplayer, persistent player data, social connectivity and so much more will await players in this unique and magical world of Dragons and Unicorns.

For more information, visit and follow on Twitter @DigiHarmGames. And look for their first title Chin Up now available in the iTunes store. 

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