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The Christmas spirit isn't that money driven with 'Coin Flick Christmas' (IOS) - Coin Flick Christmas (iOS)   07

The Christmas spirit isn’t that money driven with ‘Coin Flick Christmas’ (IOS)

The good folks at independent developer ‘Dim Dim Sum App’ are not only in a Christmas Spirit; they are also in a giving mood! To celebrate the festivities of the Holidays they have released a Christmas-themed version of their highly popular ‘Coin Flick’ game on the App Store (available for FREE), and compatible with the Apple iPhone® and Apple iPod touch®!

The Christmas spirit isnt that money driven with Coin Flick Christmas

‘Coin Flick Christmas’ is the 1st unique iOS® game in which you flick coins into buckets and collect various Christmas bonuses and prizes along the way, prizes which in turn will enable you to collect enhanced BONUSES!! It is such a wonderful arcade game, and has already established a large following of fans!  Just toss and flick the shiny coins into buckets and see where they fall! Often, but not always, you are given multiple coins in one go to flick into buckets.

‘Coin Flick Christmas’ is a never-ending game: The game has an almost endless amounts of options for you to continue to have coins – from bonuses, selling prizes, free coin offers, enhanced bonuses, and from the coin shop! You can also check the scoreboard on how many coins you have flicked into buckets consecutively, and because the game has Game Center leaderboard support, you can see how you, and the top players around the globe are performing!

Best of all! ‘Coin Flick Christmas’ is a FREE download utilizing in-app purchases for additional coins, and the game is Kiip enabled ( allowing US-Only players to win real prizes while playing the game! With impressive visuals, realistic physics, 9 special bonuses, 40 Christmas prizes and 10 enhanced bonuses to collect, ‘Coin Flick Christmas’ is your best present this Holiday.

‘Coin Flick Christmas’ is available on the App Store from here:

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