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Worlds take on a mind of their own in 'FortressCraft' (XBLA) - 394797830

Worlds take on a mind of their own in ‘FortressCraft’ (XBLA)

If you have yet to experience the smash XBOX indie hit, FortressCraft, now is the time to buy it! The game has just launched Chapter 1.1 Alpha and with it comes a while new host of ways to improve worlds meticulously crafted by you from the ground up!

Worlds take on a mind of their own in FortressCraft

    You can now have your world automatically generate lush trees to dot your landscape. Not only that; but you can choose the climate in which you build in. Whether it’s a tropical paradise, an alpine wonderland, a parched desert, or a grassy temperate plain – each world is guaranteed to provide you with the opportunity to create something truly special and one-of-a-kind.

    On the actual construction side of things, eight new light channels have been added to the game. This will allow crafters to light their builds in creative ways and build atmosphere that has thus far been unparalleled. Also, a new addition are the long-awaited doors! Your home, castle, or fortress can feel complete as you add a door to the threshold.

    Construction, regardless of what you build, can be a tedious and time-consuming task. Many projects take hours ( if not days! ) to complete. To aid our devoted builders, a copy and paste function has been added which allows players to select a part of their structure and paste it. This will be sure to speed up work on your next great masterpiece!

    Finally, included in this patch is a test of the upcoming Fight, Protect, Survive (FPS) mode! In this mode of gameplay, you are given a lightning gun and are tasked with killing harvesters and wasps in order to collect metal resources to build resources to help you survive and prosper. However, with each kill, your threat level rises and more angry wasps come after you. We’re very interested to know what you think of this mode, so please let us know at the FortressCraft forums (!

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