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Head out and dominate a whole new galaxy in 'Dark Expanse' (PC) - big y

Head out and dominate a whole new galaxy in ‘Dark Expanse’ (PC)

On January 1st 2012, Dark Expanse players will be able to enjoy the new Andromeda galaxy instance. The Andromeda galaxy was specifically designed for a relaxed style of play and is open to new and experienced gamers. Along with the new galaxy will come a new game enhancement called “Veteran Status”. Ships, and planetary defense bases that survive combat will gain in experience and effectiveness. Other recent enhancements include “Alien Artifacts,” along with new missions, and technologies. Local commanders can plugin these artifacts into their ships, or planetary defense bases giving them their own special set of stats. As you can see, there’s no better time to join the growing number of Dark Expanse players. So have you captured a planet today?


Dark Expanse, the free to play browser based galactic strategy game, offers players the chance to control their own fleet of spaceships, capture solar systems, and the chance to become a intergalactic legend. Try out Dark Expanse for free today, just go to wwwHYPERLINK “” .HYPERLINK “” deorcHYPERLINK “” .HYPERLINK “” com and sign up. Also check out Dark Expanse’s Facebook page, for even more game details, and images. wwwHYPERLINK “” .HYPERLINK “” facebookHYPERLINK “” .HYPERLINK “” comHYPERLINK “” /HYPERLINK “” pagesHYPERLINK “” /HYPERLINK “” DarkHYPERLINK “” -HYPERLINK “” ExpanseHYPERLINK “” /363216867169

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