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OnLive Announces Winter Three-for-All Celebration (OL)

OnLive, Inc., the pioneer of cloud gaming, today announced a play-to-win sweepstakes to supercharge the launch of Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition in both the US and UK. The sweepstakes is only the first of three exciting events in OnLive’s Winter Three-for-All Celebration, which also includes a three-day Borderlands™ Friends Fight FREE Sweepstakes and an extended 5-hour free trial and Achievement Sweepstakes for Saints Row: The Third. Boasting a variety of prizes, including a trip to Las Vegas and OnLive’s coveted new tablet-compatible Universal OnLive Wireless Controller, the multiday celebration is open to all US and UK residents and will last through January 1.

OnLive Announces “Winter Three-for-All” Celebration

From December 23rd at 12:00AM GMT through January 1the Super Street Fighter IVSupercharged Sweepstakes packs a one-two punch of great prizes for anyone who plays the celebrated combat game, which adds new modes, stages, combos and characters to fan favorites from Street Fighter history.


·       Players who demo the game between 4:00 PM PST today (12:00 AM GMT 23rd December) and 11:59 PM PST January 1 (7:59 AM GMT 2nd January) will be automatically entered to win fighter-friendly prizes, including the Mad CatzOfficial Street Fighter IV FightPad™ and 95%-off promo codes!

·       Gamers who play the game for more than three hours are automatically eligible for a Grand Prize trip to Las Vegas to watch the Evolution Championship Series, the largest and longest-running fighting game tournament in the world.  Runner-up prizesinclude the Mad Catz Official Super Street Fighter IV FightStick™ – Tournament Edition, autographed by game producer Yoshinori Ono!


From December 28 to December 30, the Borderlands Friends Fight FREE Sweepstakesinvites gamers to join forces with theirfriends for three days of FREE play with the popular action RPG Borderlands! Gamers who play Co-op during the three-day event will be automatically entered to win one of ten OnLive Prize Packs, which consist of a pack of four Full PlayPasses to games of their choice (one for the winning player and three for their friends) and a Universal OnLive Wireless Controller—recently released by OnLive to enable seamless play across tablets, smartphones, PCs, Macs, TVs and future devices.


On December 31, gamers everywhere can play the over-the-top gangsta hit Saints Row: The Third in an extended 5-hour free trial and earn achievements for a chance to win prizes. Playing either solo or with a friend, current and new OnLive players can literally be thug for a day, cruising the streets of Steelport as a member of the Saints gang and unleashing everything from human cannonball cars to satellite-targeted airstrikes in order to put a rival outfit back in their place. For every achievement players secure, they will earn an entry into the sweepstakes. Ten lucky winners each will receive an OnLive Prize Pack featuring a free Full PlayPass to the game of their choice, an OnLive® Game System (which delivers on-demand gaming to HDTVs) and aUniversal OnLive Wireless Controller.


“We’re incredibly proud of everything that OnLive has been able to deliver this year and it is time for a celebration,” said Steve Perlman, OnLive Founder and CEO. “Super Street Fighter IV is not only the gold standard of fighting games, it’s the latest in a long line of AAA titles that have been added to OnLive’s growing library of almost 200 top-tier games. And, with the recent release of our free OnLive app for Android and the Universal OnLive Wireless Controller, we’re truly empowering gamers to play these high-performance games on-demand, anywhere—even on smartphones and tablets. The Winter Three-for-All is a celebration of how far OnLive cloud gaming has come, and the incredible potential for its future.”


Of course, throughout the Winter Three-for-All Celebration, OnLive gamers will be able to play the featured games instantly on demand over the Internet on their PC or Mac® via a small browser download, on their HDTV via the OnLive Game System, and now on Android tablets and smartphones via the free OnLive app for Android. Daily deals will also be announced on Facebook and Twitter throughout the holidays, featuring dozens of titles from OnLive’s comprehensive library of almost 200 games. For additional details and official rules for all of the events, or to learn more about the Universal OnLive Wireless Controller, visit

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