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Resistance 3 Review (PS3)

Resistance is futile…you need to play this!

Resistance: Fall of man was a first person shooter that was a play station 3 launch game. At the time it was a pretty decent shooter, Developed by insomniac games, it charted an alternate history where earth was invaded by some aliens called the Chimera. The Chimera made their way over to the UK, so it was up to a soldier called Nathan Hale to take out the alien threat. He got infected with the chimera virus, and developed some of their traits.

If you have a PS3, and love your FPS’s, then you need to have this in your life.

As this game got favourable reviews, and was the first PS3 game to sell over a million copies, the inevitable sequel, Resistance 2 came out in 2008. This saw Nathan Hale travel over to the good ole U.S of A with a bunch of other infected soldiers to try and wipe out the chimera in America. This time around you could only carry 2 weapons, and had no health bar. Which made it more like games such as COD. At the end of Resistance 2, there are only 2 members of the elite team left- Hale & Corporal Capelli. Hale is nearly killed & goes into a coma. When he wakes he has turned into a fully fledged chimera…so asks Capalli to kill him- which he does. Resistance 3Resistance 3 follows on a few years later from R2. We are now controlling Capelli, who is fully cured of the Chimera virus, and has a wife and a young child. The remaining population of the US (about 3 million) has been driven underground by the Chimera. Capelli is persuaded to leave his family by Dr.Malikov. The plan is to travel to New York, in a last ditch attempt to rid planet earth of the Chrimeran menace once and for all. Or die trying. Resistance 3 seems to me, to be a game of two halves, the first being a continuation of the previous two games, and the second half being a homage to the Halo games. And considering that I thought Halo Reach was the best FPS of last year, then this can only be a good thing in my eyes. Resistance 3 does not make you feel like a member of an elite killing force, you feel like one of the last humans, surviving on your instincts , a bit like being in an episode of The Walking Dead, or Falling Skies. This time round you cannot just hide behind cover to recover health. Nope, Isometric have gone down the route of health packs. These are scattered about in various locations, and also some Chimera drop them once killed. This may feel like a step backwards, but it certainly gives you a heightened feeling of dread, and fits in more with the feel of the game. Resistance 3 The wepons wheel is also back from the first game, so at least now you can use all the wonderful weapons you pick up and keep hold of them (although ammo is not all that plentiful for the more powerful toys such as the Auger). There are some cool new weapons such as the mutator & the deadeye sniper rifle. The feel of the weapons are just right- nice and chunky. There are some new enemy to try your new weapons on as well. This time there are some cool Predator type Chimera who can use active camouflage and have deadeye sniper rifles…follow the red laser sight to locate these sneaky buggers. There are also (a la Halo) some mechanical flying drones. Some fire lightning at you, whilst others protect the fhe chimera with a shield, meaning that you have to take out the drone before the chimera can be destroyed. Resistance 3Also there are some zombie type mutations of the chimera and some head crab type scuttling aliens (a la the Flood). So all weapons are needed at some point, to take out the varying types of enemy. Weapons’ can all be upgraded by use, and all have a pretty sweet secondary fire function . The single player campaign clocks in at about 10/12 hours, and has lots of boss battles and set pieces, as well as on rails section to spice up the action. This time round there is also support for play station move and an option to play in 3d, but since I have neither I cannot comment on their merits at this time. Multiplayer wise they have reduced R2’s mental 60 man online to a more sedate & tactical 16 man online aspect of the game. All the usual and expected modes are here, and all play as well as you would expect for a game of this calibre. All things considered, this is most definitely the best resistance to date, and one ot best shooters on the market at the moment. If you have a PS3, and love your FPS’s, then you need to have this in your life. Excellent fun, and the closest thing to playing Halo Reach- apart from buying an xbox 360…and actually playing Halo Reach of course.

The Good: ties up all lose ends of the story, excellent weapons, good pacing,
The Bad: not available on Xbox 360, a little bit depressing at time, does not add much new ideas to an already busy genre.

Resistance 3 Resistance 3 Resistance 3 

Gold Y AwardGold Y Award
4.5 4.5 / 5

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