Doritos Crash Course Review (XBLA)

Doritos Crash Course

Doritos brings another freebie to the Xbox Live Arcade in the form of the Doritos Crash Course. An extremely addicting, annoying, fast-paced game with great family fun and entertainment value.

for a petite game, it’s highly amusing

Playing as your avatar, your objective is to get from the start of the course to the end. Simple, right? Not as it may seem. The game play and controls themselves are good and easy to master. However, the varying obstacles and gaps in the floor can be extremely annoying as some can be misjudged easily and this means repeating the whole section you’ve just completed again.

Having a copper, silver, gold medal system for certain times, makes it very addictive as you just crave to complete all the courses at gold level.

This makes the game stressful when certain parts of the courses rely on timing which could be the difference between your gold and disappointing silver medal. An interesting and almost always useful part of the game is the checkpoints. These are neatly placed at intervals after a tough section of the course and allows you to just repeat the section if you fall of the course instead of the whole thing.

The graphics of the game give it a very, Total Wipeout-esque (TV show) feel. This makes it more enjoyable as you feel like you are taking part in your very own TV show and gives you a more enriched experience. The developers also ensure the family entertainment value as this is both user and child friendly which means adults and children alike get a more enjoyable experience when playing together or separately.

Doritos Crash CourseHowever, when it comes to the sound of the game, there’s only one word to describe it. Terrible! This is for one reason, just the sheer annoyance of it. The horrible high pitched continuous cheers and whistles throughout the course and even when the courses are loading. I mean, I know it’s got to recreate an audience but to be honest, they might have well just not bothered it’s that awful. There’s one good thing about the sounds, the jumping noise and the hilarious sound of your avatar getting smacked by a hammer towards you onto the screen creating a crack in the glass. Just brilliant.

Overall, for a petite game, it’s highly amusing and addicting but it comes with some awful sounds.. But, I guess that’s what you get with a free game. The achievements are also nicely thought through. Doritos and Microsoft have done a good job here. Hopefully, similar things will come.

The Good: Huge entertainment value, multiplayer and family fun,
The Bad: Extremely annoying when going for gold medals, extremely addicting (yes it’s a bad thing)

Doritos Crash Course Doritos Crash Course 

3 3 / 5

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