Dream Park Fact Sheet

Build the theme park of your dreams in this fun simulation for iOS. Starting with a booth a local fair, you’ll build your Dream Park into a worldwide destination complete with rides, concessions and more. Players can balance experience and gold in their park by adjusting their attractions “fun v.s. revenue” slider. By hitting upon the right balance, players can ensure a steady stream of happy customers while making enough money to grow their park.


Dream Park Fact SheetWhile Dream Park is free to play, players can accelerate gameplay or acquire unique items by purchasing “Tickets,” the game’s in app premium currency.
Three different themes to help customize you Dream Park – Sci-Fi, Prehistoric and Fantasy/Medieval
Upwards of 40 rides and attractions many of which animate. Watch visitors come and go, make them happy , make the cash registers ring and turnstiles spin
Tons of items to decorate your park including roads, lamps, flags, benches and more.
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