Frogger hops into 3D (3DS)

KONAMI’s legendary amphibian returns for all-new Nintendo 3DS adventure


Frogger hops into 3D Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH will celebrate the 30th anniversary of its veteran Frogger character, with an all-new adventure for Nintendo 3DS. Frogger 3D thus marks a return to the classic street-crossing roots of the series – but with a 3D twist.

Frogger 3D is scheduled for an Autumn release, and boasts all-new graphics, novel level design, and new friends to help guide Frogger to safety. The new game offers six new worlds to explore over 60 uniquely challenging stages. In Frogger 3D, Frogger ventures from the streets and sidewalks of his hometown to new and exotic locations including New York, the Far East, and even other dimensions.

The game’s single-player option charges players with dashing, jumping and ducking past life-threatening hazards. By teaming up with some of Frogger’s friends, players can also destroy obstacles, absorb damage or illuminate dark spaces as they progress through the game. Players can also show off their skills within the game’s Forever’ mode Street Pass battles where the aim is to avoid becoming road-kill, while a competitive slant is added within four-player matches.

First introduced in 1981, KONAMI initially developed the game for arcade game machines, before expanding on to a host of home formats. The game is widely considered a classic and noted for both its novel gameplay and theme.

Frogger 3D will be released for Nintendo 3DS in Autumn.

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