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Need For Speed: World Review (PC) - 1032 NFSW5

Need For Speed: World Review (PC)

What do you get when you add NFS Carbon and Most Wanted together? World

Need For Speed: World, or its official name World Online, was released in Summer 2010, but it never had any advertisement, so no one actually knew about it until NFS: Hot Pursuit came out. but It seems that NFSW was actually the demo version of NFS:HP, since in a recent patch, every race you do, they are police trying to catch you.

The cars in NFSW are ranged rather well, with many different Manufacturers. From BMWs to Lambos through to Audi and Nissan. However, although the range of cars is good, the quantity of vehicles is terrible. There are only about 25 cars in the game, and about 7 of those you have to buy with SpeedBoost, the in-game currency. For those who just want to play the game, without having to buy SpeedBoost, they wouldn’t be able to get the cars. However, something that is good is that they brought back the headline cars from NFS: Underground and Underground 2.

Need For Speed: WorldThe name NFS:World makes the game look rather silly when the world is rather small compared to its main rivals. EA haven’t actually spent any time on adding new areas into the game, they just took the main central city from Carbon, and the rest of the world from Most Wanted. It feels as though EA want to seem like they care about the game, but there is always a underlying feeling about how they didn’t want the game to be anything better.

When trying to level up, there are thousands of tutorials on the internet, on how to level up 5 levels in 1 hour. However, this is only for the start of the game, and there are no tutorials after level 5 is reached. The reason? It’s incredibly difficult to level up in the game. There are 50 levels to achieve, and it takes years to level. This causes a severe roadblock in any enjoyment, as even when you’re not getting much XP, you need to level up to unlock races, cars, and upgrades for your car. In this aspect, NFSW is lacking.

The name NFS:World makes the game look rather silly when the world is rather small

However, there is a chance to level up quicker when doing Multiplayer driving. You can get about double what you usually would do in a Single Player race. However, it is difficult to win a race when it is usually people who have purchased the starter pack for the game, giving them quite a bit of SpeedBoost and in-game currency. So, when at level 15, when most Tier 2 cars become available, you wouldn’t be able to buy a new faster car, as of the alck of XP and money gained in the races before, but when you then race against someone in a Multiplayer race, they usually have a much better car than you, that is upgraded quite a bit.

As a M.O.O.R, Massively Open Online Racing (yes, it is actually a genre), the game comes true. The game focuses on allowing players to seamlessly drive around with other players. However, when in free-roam, when you are about to hit a driver, you don’t actually hit them, you just drive through them. The only time when you can hit players is in Multiplayer race mode.

Need For Speed: WorldThe patches for the game are completely useless in my opinion. It’s just a waste of time downloading them, but you have to in order to play the game. When a new patch comes out, it is usually very difficult to find what has been fixed and what’s been added to the game. However, in a recent patch, most people would be able to see what’s new. They have added a NFS Hot Pursuit racing style into the game. Everytime there is a race, there are also police pursuing you and the other racers. It adds a great deal more excitement to the game, instead of just racing on tracks over and over again to level up. The frequency of the patches is terrible. There is usually a small patch weekly, about 250MB, and then a big patch every 2 months, about 1-2 GB. So, when someone doesn’t actually have a fast internet connection speed, it can take hours to download, and when you can’t actually play offline, it gets boring after a while.

If you are a very patient person, who likes driving through cars, and wants to spend their life trying to reach level 50, then this game is for you. Comparing NFSW to its other M.O.O.R rival, Test Drive Unlimited 2, it’s nothing in comparison. The world is smaller, the amount of cars is less, but, for a free-to-play game, it’s good.

The Good: Good range of cars – each with their own good aspects; Popular
The Bad: Only 25 cars; Invisible walls; Too many Patches; Too long to level up

Need For Speed: World Need For Speed: World Need For Speed: World Need For Speed: World Need For Speed: World 

3 3 / 5

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