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MicroVolts open Beta now available (PC) - 3533 rh4

MicroVolts open Beta now available (PC)

Rock Hippo Productions Ltd is pleased to announce that the Open Beta for MicroVolts, a fast and furious MMO-TPS (Massively Multiplayer Online Third Person Shooter) begins today. The game’s now officially open to everyone and there’s no more need for beta keys. Just sign up for a free account, download the game, and play with people from all over the world.

MicroVolts open Beta now available (PC) - 3533 rh4 MicroVolts open Beta now available (PC) - 3533 rh5 MicroVolts open Beta now available (PC) - 3533 rh6 

MicroVolts open Beta now availableNew features added to the Open Beta include one new game mode, “Elimination”, as well as two new maps, “Castle” and “Junk Yard”. Additionally, an achievement collection system has been added so players can show off their elite skills. Fans of individualization will find that new customization items have been added to the game too!
In addition to the new game features, the website has been treated to a makeover. Many upgrades to the Club House have been made, providing players with even more community features. Players who have participated in the Closed Beta will receive the special accessory “Gift of the Present” for their character as a thank you for their help in testing the game and the servers. Players who registered early were lucky enough to receive a “Main Beta Key”, which can be redeemed for the special limited edition Rock Hippo costume.

If you haven’t already signed up for a Beta account, join in the fun by visiting the game’s website at We’re keeping the site updated on a regular basis, giving would-be players an insight into the game and information on forthcoming in-game events that take place during Open Beta. Tournaments and other surprise events will be unveiled so make sure to keep a daily check on the site.

About MicroVolts
Pitting players in a war between toy-sized figures in a human-sized world, MicroVolts offers four different characters with a huge choice of customisation ensuring that no two players will ever look or feel the same. Add these to the visually rich, dynamic worlds, a plethora of weaponry and it makes MicroVolts an adrenaline filled, fast paced shooter that will engage action gamers.
With easy to master controls, MicroVolts is ideal for new and seasoned players alike as well as offering a true sense of community with its rich social media features.
For more information about MicroVolts please visit

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