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Truth Or Lies Review (360)

I tell no lie, this isn’t worth your time

Anyone born in either the 60’s or Sesame Street need only a minute pixel of blood to spill upon their television screens to join forces with political correctness and fly off into the night sky in a desperate bid to spoil everyone’s fun for the greater good. Words never work against such inflamed bigots, yet their bids for more innocent based entertainment may never cease. Fling a copy of Truth Or Lies at them, however, and you’ll soon realise you’ve found the moralists Kryptonite the disc form of perhaps one of the worst party games ever made.

Truth Or LiesTruth Or Lies stands tall on the shelves as a pinnacle of lie detector technology. It mocks others with its advanced voice analysing technology. When it asks you a question, it declares it can reach into your inner soul and root out your inner secrets. How ironic how it brags suck truth finding rights considering the technology doesn’t even work half the time.

Considering that Truth Or Lies is the electronic equivalent of truth and dare with the dares stripped away. It’s a niche that doesn’t even sound promising to those vaguely interested, and the strange claptrap bunch of slack-jawed and purse lipped cretins on the front don’t help its cause. A party game that is outranked by the kids section in the Argos catalogue, the game adds more salt to your wallet wound by forcing you to fork out on a USB or wireless microphone in order to play.

You can gather a party of up to 8 people to enjoy the game or endure the pain of a round of Truth Or Lies. No matter who you are or who you play with, you can pick from several categories depending on the age of your audience. From kids to teens and even couples and families, all the questions picked for each age group are perfectly suited for. Overbearing parents who know less about consoles than their kids can administer a lock on the ruder and more vulgar categories, yet it’s as easy to turn off again with a simple peruse through the options menu.

Every joke that quips your ears doesn’t fill you with rage, just pity.

Though the questions fit in with their designated age categories well, that doesn’t mean to say they’re particularly good. One round sees you in a ‘Would you rather?’ scenario, giving you two aspects of life altering consequences and putting a gun to your head to pick one. The problem is, on many of these questions, there’s absolutely no point in lying. Some questions are suitably probing, yet when it comes down to it, no one really cares when it comes down to the line about whether you’d rather have ‘Sugar dandruff or orange sherbet ear-wax’, and no one will care if you attempt to bluff with your response.

Not that it’s going to matter whatever your answer is, chances are you will be read wrong. A question needs a set amount of time and clearance to be answered, and the clarification of your answer is displayed by a bar that fills as you talk. Once it’s full, the game can juggle your answers and you can hope for the best. Though many faults are simply due to the technology just not being up to scratch, the amount you are required to say also screws with your sincerity or bluffs. Offering a simple ‘Yes’ to a simple question is a clear indication to truth telling, yet occasionally a basic response just isn’t enough for Truth Or Lies. Forcing you to speak longer just corrupts the truth your delivering, and a moments pause or ‘umming’ and arring’ at the realisation you have to say more doesn’t help matters.

Truth Or LiesThe graphics are without a doubt completely orgasmic if interactive menus are your passion, and some questions even come with the first picture found on Google images slightly related to the probing query. No matter how much you may love basic layouts, though, you’re sure to be distracted by the annoying commentator. Party games nowadays always seem to come equipped with that one guy narrating proceedings from the ‘Keith Chegwin School Of Misfires’, so it’s no surprise that the bloke on-board is rather aggravating. Every joke that quips your ears doesn’t fill you with rage, just pity. The fact it keeps anger at bay is something of a positive for the attempted party atmosphere, but the false laughter that comes with trying to make a digital entity feel slightly better about itself is a rather poor substitution.

Through all its faults, Truth Or Lies may offer a few giggles amongst pals, yet nothing a vast mixture of Jack Daniels and Smarties can’t outdo. Salvaging the bottle can lead to a slightly cliché yet more enticing party game of ‘Spin The Bottle’ and the sheer amount of E Numbers with liquor can amass to many an attempted Jackass stunt. It’s a game that you can very easily laugh at, but simply isn’t worth any price you’ll pay for it. It’s a shame, seeing as it’s a nice idea for a cheap game should anyone need a decent hour to kill, but if you want to truly uncover a secret hidden deep within your loved ones very soul, it’s more cost effective and less emotionally embarrassing to visit Jeremy Kyle.

The Good: Great to laugh at for the first 10 minutes or so, Well categorised questions for all age groups
The Bad: Basic and cliche questions, The lie detector technology doesn’t work half the time

Truth Or Lies Truth Or Lies Truth Or Lies Truth Or Lies Truth Or Lies 

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