Skate 3 Review (PS3)

Lets have a game of S.K.A.T.E!

Skate 3 rolls onto the show and it’s time to pull off some stylish tricks!

EA has brought us a new edition to the Skate franchise, Skate 3. Whilst it’s a new instalment will it be any better than its predecessors?

Skate 3If you have played a Skate game before you will know that it is nothing like the classical Tony Hawks series. Skate is a much more realistic and dynamic game, this is what I have always adored about the game. Pulling off realistic but nice lines and combos is addictive and looks stunning when pulled off well.

So what’s new with Skate 3? A new map once again. The map is very well thought out this time around and looks pretty nice wherever you go, each section offers different obstacles and different way for you to skate. You may be a vert expert or you may prefer to skate on the streets gapping stairs or grinding ledges, there is always something to offer for the player.

A new feature that the game holds is the ability to manage your own skate team this time around. No more being filmed for someone else’s benefit, you now control the team and make a nice reputation for yourself to earn decks, decks are the currency lets say. Strange but as it’s a game about skateboarding it works. You can enter you team into competitions and make your team look and skate how you want them too. I found it nice that you had such control over your team.

The hilarious Hall of Meat mode is once again present in Skate 3 but even more fun than the previous games. Small adjustments seem to have been made, meaning you can now keep your bail going for a fair amount of time as you flail down a hill crushing and snapping bones, you will be able to hit a button that makes your character jolt his/her legs out causing your bail to flow for even longer or further. This has made Hall of Meat one of the funniest modes in any sports game I have ever played. Skate 3 also has a massive amount of Hall of Meat challenges for you to conquer ranging from pure breaking bones to landing in a bin.

Skate 3 ticks all the boxes when coming to the question of if it’s better than its predecessors,

Like Skate 3’s previous efforts you are still forced to use both thumb sticks to control your character and your skateboard, the controls still work as expected, when moving around off of the board your character moves more fluently than before. The clunky feeling of walking and running has been adjusted for the better. You can now pull off the awesome “DARK SLIDE” move, for those of you who do not know what a dark slide is, basically you slide across a rail or ledge on the opposite side of the skateboard, yes, the grip tape. I have managed to conjure up a hours of fun by just trying to nail this trick properly.

Perhaps the best thing about Skate 3 is its online multiplayer modes. You can take your whole campaign online with friends at any time during the game. Co-op is becoming a very popular form of playability and can make certain games last for hours of play time. Skate 3 is a good example, I have been playing Skate 3 with friends constantly. It just feels like it’s the way it should be played! Completing competitions, races and challenges with your online buddies never gets boring. Many laughs have been pounded out as I watch my friends face plant, skid, slam and flail around obstacles. You can still play competitively with friends or against random players but to be fair, you will not enjoy it as much as taking your career online.

Skate 3 has another great online community service. Players can continue to show off their skills, hilarious bails or spectacular snapshots. Some people may get attached to the replay editor, making your moves look snazzy is always a welcome element.

Skate 3Once again Skate 3 looks stunning when in motion. Surroundings are still looking real good, only a few graphical hitches here and there but it can be forgiven. Music isn’t half bad, featuring songs from The Beastie Boys and The Misfits had me getting into the game more. There’s plenty more music to be heard, it’s just a shame I’m not into it that much, but there’s something there for everyone.

Skate 3 ticks all the boxes when coming to the question of if it’s better than its predecessors, by a fraction. Sure the online components are awesome but the overall experience felt exactly like Skate 2, just on a different map. It only feels better because of the few new tricks you can pull off and the fact that you can manage your own team.

I would only recommend Skate 3 if you are a hardcore fan of the game, otherwise approach with caution. You may be disappointed if your expecting a new experience. For newcomers to Skate, this game is definitely the place to start.

The Good: Online campaign is awesome, New tricks are fun, Hall of Meat is better than ever.
The Bad: Few graphical hitches in certain places, Not exactly a new experience.

Skate 3 Skate 3 Skate 3 Skate 3 Skate 3 

Bronze Y AwardBronze Y Award
3.5 3.5 / 5

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