WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2010 Review (PS3)

Another year another recycled Smackdown game or is it?

The WWE Smackdown vs. Raw franchise is struggling to keeps it’s popularity just like the WWE programming. The fans crave for something new and extravagant but developer Yukes only have so much development time to create a new instalment every year.

If you’re a hardcore wrestling nut make WWE SVR 2010 a purchase

This year’s instalment focuses on creative content, something that is used the most in SVR games and pushed aside in the past. For years created wrestlers have always been differentiated from actual WWE superstars in game, simply because most of the body definitions looked painted on as opposed to modelled. This year that’s been improved, while they don’t look exactly like the WWE superstars it’s definitely progress.

Superstar thread tool, create a high flying finisher, story designer, training facility and custom paint tool are a few of the new features in SVR 2010. If there’s one thing I’ve noticed it’s that all the new improvements in game have come at a cost, to try and optimize the game. In comparison to last year’s instalment, SVR 2010 seems to have lower resolution textures applied to the wrestlers and gaming environment.

WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2010For a change the create a superstar mode has been given some tlc this year. There are new items and clothes for nearly every part of your created wrestler. Its little touches like new poses for the versus/character selection screen and the inclusion of attires that your favourite legends wore that makes this mode feel fresh again. I can guarantee you this is where your time will be mostly spent.

Have you ever stumbled across a great created wrestler on one of those dedicated caw (create a wrestler) sites and couldn’t be bothered to write the formula into your own game? Well THQ has come up with a solution by giving players the option to submit their wrestlers online within the community. Replays, created moves and created storylines can also be uploaded and downloaded by the community.

There has never been an instalment in the Smackdown franchise that i haven’t played. One thing that never seems to change is the tattoos in create a superstar mode. 11 Smackdowns on and the game still features tattoos seen in the first instalment 11 years ago. Adding to the creative content Yuke’s have decided to give players the option to create their own tattoos. The tools used in custom paint tool are very familiar and simple yet effective to use.

WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2010Another welcome edition this year is the superstar thread tool, which basically allows players to alter the colour of your favourite WWE wrestler’s attire, just as they do in real life. So you can know sync your wrestler’s attires with live WWE programming. However not all features of the wrestlers attires can be altered of their colour.

If you don’t like Road to Wrestlemania mode and you think you can do better then story designer mode is for you. There’s no limit to the length of your storyline, needless to say you can make your creation last forever. I don’t think it was something fans were expecting but it’s great for recreating great moments in wrestling history such as the attitude era.

The Royal Rumble has been revamped this year, proving to be much more entertaining and interactive. All 4 corners and ropes in the ring can be used to eliminate opponents followed up by new animations.

To eliminate your opponents simply mash the button that appears on screen. Certain wrestlers have finishers that can be used to eliminate opponents. For instance John Cena can use his attitude adjustment to eliminate someone.

Yukes has definitely improved this year’s instalment with its concentration on creative content but it doesn’t mask the fact they’ve been using the same game engine for years now.

Unless they make that leap to next gen consoles with a game engine that suffices the consoles of today, the franchise is going to continue suffering.

If you’re a hardcore wrestling nut make WWE SVR 2010 a purchase, for all you guys that bought last year’s installment leave your wallet in your pocket. Let’s just hope SouthPeak Games picks up the pace with their newly acquired TNA video game license and hopefully brings some competition to the table.

The Good: � Strong support for creative content ; � You can submit your created wrestlers, moves, replays and storylines online as well as download others created content;
The Bad: � Still using the same game engine since PS2 days; � Clipping issues and same old bugs from past installments still not fixed; � Instead of overhauling something such as the ageing and small hell in a cell, Yukes decided to change Shawn Michaels facial features and body proportion. The result is a blocked shaped upper body for Shawn Michaels, there was no need to change him. ;

Jericho!!!!! Rey Rey ! Of course they are real... real expensive! You Bitch! It went Kaboom Starring c
ontest? Create a superstar That may leave a mark! Must not grab the... oh sod it! Does this towel make me look stupid? 

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